Tuesday, August 16, 2016

mother of two.

Sometimes I still can't believe that I'm legally allowed to be in charge of two children. Two! Who authorized that? Being a mom of two has taught me that I can multitask like I'd never imagined. It has taught me that it is possible to wear a baby while making a desperately needed pot of coffee along with breakfast for your 5 year old. It has also taught me that my oldest (along with being just generally awesome) is the best big brother and the biggest helper ever. So how, exactly, am I supposed to cope with this?

Henry's Kindergarten teacher is Mrs. Walker. She is young and enthusiastic and Henry just loves her already. As he told me, "I already like her more than I can like her!". He has two friends in his class- our beautiful Ava from next door and spunky & adorable Maci Kate from t-ball. He is so happy to have some beloved and familiar faces in the halls of his school. I truly do miss his sweet face being around all day but at the same time I am so so happy to see him excited about this next stage of childhood.

In addition to Kindergarten, other news in the world of Henry Zuill includes the surprise of returning home from Ohio to find this in the backyard. (thank you $100 Facebook find!)

The crazy thing about having two kids is that not just one, but two, little humans are evolving in front of you at breakneck speed. It is overwhelming and wonderful all at once. Charlie was four months old last week. That truly just seems impossible. Last week she started sleeping in her crib. And we heard the first chuckle out of our sweet girl! She makes you work for her laughter, but when it appears it is just blissful and you'll do any sort of stupid thing to make her laugh again.Charlie has become a master at rolling over from back to front but not vice-versa. This has made for some long nights as of late but she is so cute during her waking hours that she is mostly forgiven.

A couple of nights ago we all ventured outside (once the temperature dipped below 90°) for a few 4-month photos. Henry was surprisingly willing to participate. I really think it comes down to the fact that he likes holding this girl and making her smile. They both make me smile.

I am fairly obsessed with the details of this girl of ours. Before, I couldn't imagine what I would do with a girl and now I can't imagine life without one. We hear all the time that she is the girl-version of Henry- but I think this one has her own thing going on and I just love her so.

Thanks for checking in on us!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

charlie, three months.

Last week you turned three months old, Charlie. How is this possible? You have changed so much, so quickly. I hate that the weeks seem to be flying by so fast, but I'm also so excited for each new milestone and am fascinated by the little parts of your personality that are becoming more revealed with each day.

You rolled over for the first time last week, from back to front. You caught us a little off-guard with this one. I think you caught yourself a bit off-guard as well and were not a very happy camper when you found you'd rolled yourself right into tummy time. But still, you did it over and over, practicing your new skill.

A couple of times in the last month you've teased your dear, sweet mother with 7 hours of consecutive sleep. Seven! What a reminder that sleep is such a sweet luxury! And while many nights are nowhere near that refreshing, we both seem a little less sleep deprived over the last month. You are still sleeping in the pack & play next to our bed. Your room just seems so far down the hall and you seem so little still (even though you're nearly 14 1/2 pounds!). Let's keep you near us for just a while longer. But we visit your crib every now and then for a photo or two.

We're beginning to wonder if we'll ever convince you to try a bottle. You just really don't seem to want that weird thing in your mouth. Fingers, however- you'll take all of the fingers all of the time.

We discovered this month that you really like being in the pool. You become like a little zen baby in the water.

You keep it no secret that you count this guy as one of your favorites. He keeps us all entertained (and looks stinking adorable in his "pretend glasses"). He adores you so. My two loves.

You and your brother are regularly doted upon by your Gaga & Pappy (even when you're being a bit of a diva). I love watching you all together.

It's so much fun to love you and watch you grow, Charlie-girl! What did we ever do without you? We can't wait to see what the next month will bring!