Monday, April 17, 2017

charlie, one year.

How strange to type "one year" in the title of this blog entry. Baby Charlie, you are not a baby anymore! You are our spunky, busy, funny, naughty, and sweet toddler!

The last month has been bursting with business and change! You got to see some familiar faces in person for the first time when Uncle Andy & Auntie Cheryl came to visit us in Tennessee. You took your first steps while they were here, from Uncle Andy's to your Daddy's arms! You took your third plane trip to go to Orlando where we spent the last part of our time with them exploring the world of Legos and Harry Potter. And while you got plenty of attention from your doting Aunt & Uncle, you did have to share them with the one who'd been about to burst waiting for their visit to arrive.

The amount of baby tricks you can do these days is staggering. You are saying so many words now! Finally "Mama" is on your list. "Pappy" & "Gaga" are on the list now too. This made for some very happy grandparents! A few other new Charlie words-

-"Blooo-ba" (blueberries)
-"Byyeee-Bye" (in the most southern baby dialect you can possibly imagine)
-"Bipe" (when you're ready for another bite)
-"Bat-bat" (when you've snagged Henry's batman figure)
-"Pep-Pep" (Preston)
-"Guuuuu" (anytime you see Gus)
-"Poo-poo" (yay)

You pretend to take our picture and you pretend to blow your nose. You adore being on the trampoline. You ride your Rhino all over the living room and kitchen. And you've decided that Pappy meant for you to ride the horse he made for you every day, and you do. You point to your hat once you've mounted your steed. Although you rarely keep it on.

You are still a huge pet lover. Gus is still the only one who will tolerate you (no one knows why). You watch every move he makes, especially if he sneaks out the window.

You are a climber! Henry never climbed anything when he was a baby/toddler, so I was caught a little off guard when I saw you climb up onto the couch this weekend! And heaven forbid we leave the dishwasher door open. It is just the right height for naughtiness. We've found one activity that will keep you highly entertained and out of mischief for a minute-

You are still a really good eater. You love just about everything we've put in front of you. Blueberries are a favorite this month, along with watermelon and hummus. You still love eggs, bananas, peas, and oatmeal. You are not a fan of cow's milk or almond milk, but love yogurt and cheese. Yogurt is always a major undertaking because you insist on holding the spoon and your aim is questionable at best. Your party isn't until this weekend, but on the day of your birthday we got you a cupcake to celebrate. I have never seen you eat more precisely in your life. Hopeful dogs were disappointed at the lack of crumb dispensing. The whole time you were eating your cupcake you kept pausing to clap. Ha!

Last week we meandered out to the yard to take a couple of sets of one year old photos. The first set might be my favorite, because you are wearing your big brother's shirt from 5 1/2 years ago.

I also wanted to do some photos with you holding one of the big "1" balloons. I let Henry talked me in a pink one. (It's like I don't even know myself anymore.) But that balloon is your favorite thing in the world! You drag it all over the kitchen and we hear "boon! boon!" on repeat. And even I have to admit that the pink balloon was kind of perfect-

Charlie, we cannot believe you are 1! We can't imagine our lives without you! Your arrival turned Henry into the best big brother we could have imagined for you. Your Daddy is most certainly wrapped around your finger and, I only imagine, is in for more trouble than he knows. You keep us busy, challenged, exhausted, laughing and in love! You are funny and busy, mischievous and sweet. Happy birthday our sweet girl! We love you, Charlie-girl!

Monday, March 13, 2017

charlie, eleven months.

The realization has hit me like a ton of bricks. We have less than a month left until you ditch the title of "baby" and magically transform into a toddler. You are eleven months old, Charlie! Your first birthday is barreling towards us so quickly. While some of the nights (and days) along the way have seemed very long, this has been the fastest 11 months of my life.

In the last month you have turned into a total chatterbox. You sit and "read" your books and it is just the sweetest thing anyone has ever heard. Daddy gets most of your vocal attention. At first you called him "Dee-dah! Dee-dah!". Now he's Dada, and it is of course your favorite word. My favorite thing you say is "cheee-tahhh". You're trying hard to say dog and cat. We went over to Corinne's a couple of weeks ago to see their newest farm babies and you stood beside them and said "chi-chick". When we're eating and you want more you'll sometimes say "biiiii!" (bite). You've said Ro-Ro, Yaya (Layla) and so far just call me "ba-ba". Still working on that "m" sound, ha! That's okay, I'll wait.

Your latest trick is that you've learned to blow kisses. Amazing. You can point to your belly, your hair, and your nose. You love to sit on the trampoline in my lap while Henry bounces. You love to put things into a container then pour them out. And repeat. And you still love to squeeze yourself between any two pieces of furniture you can.

You love all the pets in this house. Floppit flees when she sees you coming. Layla begrudgingly lets you pet her, but only so she can sit next to me as well. Gus puts up with all kinds of nonsense from you, and just rolls over to let you pat (or pull the fur off of) his belly. But Preston is not a fan. You keep trying although his answer is the same every time.

You made your second trip up to Ohio last month. We went up with Gaga, Pappy & Henry to celebrate Evy Ruth's first birthday! It was so much fun to watch the two of you together!

You've decided that these two folks are definitely some of your favorites.

You make our days brighter, Charlie Anne. What ever did we do before you? Happy eleven months!