Thursday, February 16, 2017

charlie, ten months

Dear Charlie-

You sneaky little baby. Somehow you've managed to transform into a ten month old when I wasn't looking! My mommy brain can hardly comprehend the fact that we're on the rapid countdown to your first birthday. Each day you get livelier and funnier. You love to explore and get into everything that you're not supposed to. You find new and unusual (and naughty) places to play, especially in the bathroom.

You still love Gus and the feeling is still not mutual.

You're an expert bubble blower. It's pretty impressive, to be honest. You open that little mouth and say "maaaa" and look just like a little bullfrog, every time.

You do the funniest little thing where you sit on your bottom and use your feet to spin around in a circle. You still love to "give lovings" to people, especially to your Daddy. You light up when he comes downstairs at the end of his workday. You've (unfortunately) learned to climb those stairs too. You have FINALLY gotten over your stranger danger (you know, that's been going on since you were two months old) and you will let other people hold you!! Some days you eat like a teenage boy. The other morning for breakfast you ate an entire bowl of oatmeal and a banana! The day before that you ate three scrambled eggs. Hungry girl! We really haven't given you any food that you just won't eat but eggs, strawberries, bananas and green beans are favorites. You love to drink water with a straw, even Mommy's LaCroix. You take two naps a day- usually a couple of hours just before lunch, then a shorter one later on. You do so well with putting yourself to sleep. You usually go to bed around 7 and most nights we don't hear a peep out of you until 4-5 am when you will sometimes wake once to nurse and go back to bed. The last three nights you've skipped that early morning wake-up and waited until 6:30!

You're still not walking, although I have no doubt you have the physical ability to do it. You just haven't psyched yourself up mentally for it yet. You spend at least 50% of your day pushing the chairs and barstools around the kitchen and living room to get to where you want to go. You crawl so fast these days you're like a blur. We call you "baby slap-slap" because we can always hear those hands smacking the floor when you're on the go. On warmer days you love to go to the park and get pushed in the swing. It makes you laugh your head off. You love when we go next door to visit so you can try to stick your fingers into every orifice of Hudson's face. You love to be upside down and are so ticklish.

Happy ten months, Charlie-girl. You light up the world with joy and the world can't help but smile right back at you. We love you!

Monday, January 30, 2017

living room makeover!

A few weeks ago I sent a text to my friend Molly. In the text was a photo of my pitifully bare mantel and the blank wall above it. It's been that way for two years. Ridiculous. I just could NOT figure out what to do with the space- or the living room in general really. But Molly- this girl has an eye for decorating. I remember falling in love with her historic farmhouse the minute I walked in. It has old mixed with new, beautiful textures, amazing style in general. You walk in her house and you just want to settle onto the couch with a cup of coffee (or glass or wine, ha) and let your eyes wander from one thoughtfully designed area to the next. So I knew she was the girl to ask.

Somehow the quest for something over the mantel turned into a discussion with Molly about what my goals were for the living room. And a pinterest board of ideas. And an amazing group of sketches that Molly did to show me what the room could look like. I was instantly sold. And since I'm about to turn 40 (and figured that SURELY could be used for leverage) I sweet talked Mr. Zuill into funding this design adventure. I quickly sold our couch, lamps, tables, & rug. Gave the coffee table to a friend. The walls that were previously "relaxed khaki" got a fresh coat of "revere pewter". Will swears we painted the walls the exact same color they were before but he's also admitted to being pretty colorblind in the past, ha.

Yesterday Molly came over, her suburban loaded to the brim with her wonderful finds. The four of us were gently herded upstairs to the bonus room where we watched a movie and played and waited to get the green light to come downstairs. I've watched those home makeover shows where people cry when they walk into a room that's been done for them. I had NO doubt that Molly had worked magic in that room, but I was surely not going to cry. Wrong. Totally teared up. It's amazing how having such a thoughtfully designed and beautiful space can affect your mood! This room just makes me happy!

A few before and afters- I still can't believe it.

This room is just perfect for us. And these accent chairs? Molly wove those chair seats herself with material she ordered from the Netherlands. Shut the front door. Blown away. And those two big photos of my kids on the wall, taken by my ridiculously talented BFF, Sarah B. Gilliam. There are so many special parts and touches in this space that I just adore.

I adore this little part too, but she was not too happy about not having my full attention.

So yep, there you go. An entire blog post about my new fabulous living room. I feel it's totally justified. Molly, my friend, your talent is astounding. I seriously don't know how I will EVER be able to thank you enough for all the time and energy you put into this! If anyone needs help with a room transformation, she's your girl! But maybe don't give her a call until we get finished with my bedroom, ha!