Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We finally caved, and entered the blogging world...

As tech savvy as Will & I are (ok, ok, mostly Will), neither of us has ever set foot into the world of blogging. Looks like that is about to change. With both of us having families that don't live just down the street, or even on the same continent, this seems to be a logical way to keep our peeps updated on the happenings in our neck of the woods.

I'm sure that most of you who are reading this already know Will and me, or at least one of us, but for those of you who are missing some details, here is a brief synopsis:

Flash back: January 2009. Geeky (and Cheeky) Brit meets Charming Southern Girl (okay, insert "Cheeky" here too) for the first time. They dine, they talk, and she schools him in the way of Guitar Hero before calling it a night. And thus begins our story. Dazzling conversation and fun afternoons together led to more dazzling conversation and fun afternoons. Months passed, and before they knew it, they'd created their little home together, full of love, & also full of feuding furry animals.

Flash forward: So Will & I are still having great conversations, and great afternoons, and I still routinely school him on the fake guitar. I don't think either one of us pictured ourselves in such an effortless, yet happy relationship, but thank goodness we found our way to this point.

We have a great home together in Thompson's Station, TN, and we have tons of great neighbors close-by. We don't get to spend as much time together as we'd like (due to work) but the time we do spend together is quality.

Lately we've been spending the majority of our time waiting for the weather to warm up. Cabin fever is about to get the best of us. We go to sleep at night with visions of neighborhood cookouts dancing in our heads. We get nice spring teasers here and there of sunny 70 degree days, and we're just ready for it to get more consistent. There are definitely signs of warmer weather to come around the neighborhood:

My latest little spring project is starting to take off nicely...

Hopefully before long we'll have luscious heirloom tomato plants for my patio garden. The cucumbers are coming along nicely as well!
Until next time!!

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The Boldens said...

so excited I have another blog to read! I have become addicted to them!