Saturday, April 24, 2010

Baby Brit's size for the week...

Thanks for tuning in for updates on your favorite bun in the oven! This week, Baby Brit has grown to the size of:

Is it just me, or does an avocado seem smaller than a navel orange? Hmmmm...

Our baby has a new name this week. Ella Grace, my almost 4 year old niece, is hanging out at the Zuill/Bowden home this weekend. She just recently found out about her new baby cousin, and has suggested what she feels is the perfect name for the baby- "Specka"! Coincidentally, Specka is the name of her favorite stuffed toy dog. Specka Zuill...kinda catchy :) We may have to stick to something a little more traditional, but you've got to give the girl points for creativity!


Jessica Cietek said...

So if it's a girl would that mean her name will be Speckella!!

I LOVE the imagination, can't wait right?

Angela Zuill said...

My brother so nicely made the suggestion that if it's a girl, Specka, if it's a boy, Pecka. What a goof! But I can't wait, either way!! We'll find out in a little over 3 weeks! If Baby Specka cooperates at the ultrasound!

Andy Z said...

Names to consider:

Girls Names -
Ration book
Meat Pie, Chips and Gravy

Boys Names -
Manchester City FC
Rush rules
Hong Kong Island
King Boris the 1st of Tucktonia
David (very silly name)