Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baby Brit's 1st Big Photo Shoot!!

This week was a highly anticipated week at the Zuill/Bowden household. This week was the week of Baby Brit's first real photo shoot- aka, the 20 week ultrasound!!

On Tuesday morning we woke up and started preparations for our day. Showers, breakfast, and some SunDrop for Baby Brit's mom- hey, just trying to get things good and lively in the womb. Speaking of wombs, that has been one of Will's favorite prenatal jokes. Whenever I have felt tired or nauseated, or having other side effects of pregnancy, Will would lean over and say to my stomach "Baby Brit, you're being naughty. Go to your "womb"." Oh my...wonder if sense of humor is a genetic trait??

Anyway, my mom came up to Thompson's Station to go with us to the ultrasound. I think she was almost as excited as Will & me. We headed up to Dr. Stafford's office for the appointment. It seemed like we had to wait longer than usual in the lobby, but I'm pretty sure that was mainly because my bladder was as full as Augustus Gloop's belly.

So, without further delay, here are a few of Baby Brit's photos from his first official photo shoot!!

Yep! Baby Brit is a baby boy!! His name will be Henry William Zuill. Already up to mischief (like his Daddy), Henry wasn't entirely cooperative during the ultrasound and the ultrasound tech wasn't able to get all the angles that she needed. What they were able to see looked great, but we'll be going back in about a month to give it another try. Plus, next time they will turn on the 3D function during the scan, so we should really get some awesome pictures!!

Oh, and before I forget- Baby Henry's size of the week! This week, Baby Henry weighs 11 ounces and he is 7 inches long, comparable to the size of a:

a banana!!

We've started getting a few things ready for Henry, now that we know he is a he. Carseat is on the way, crib & mattress are on the way, and my good friend Jess (who has phenomenal taste) is going to be helping me pick out things for the nursery! What an exciting time!!


Anonymous said...

Not to be a nit picker, but the contrast on those images are a bit on the heavy side, and I don't know what ISO that ultrasound tech is using, but SURELY they could have gone a bit higher to ensure better sharpness....

So happy for you two and your banana. :P

Tyra said...

Sweetest little pics...The Sun-Drop seem to have worked perfectly! Pic #1...arms straight and preparing for dis-mount; Pic #2...sommersaut in progress; Pic #3....the grand finale! I give him a PERFECT "10".

Angela Zuill said...

Thanks Sarah & Ty!

Sarah- it for sure wasn't "Photo FUN Day" quality in my uterus that day- guess Henry will just have to wait until his first meeting with you, so you can show him how it's done :)

Tyra- When will Cooper be here??? Is Tanner excited to be a big brother?

Tyra said...

July 8th is my due date....but I'm hoping maybe a little earlier?? Tanner is sooo sweet and very excited; I just hope it stays that way after he realizes Cooper is here to stay. :o)

Angela Zuill said...

Oh, I bet he'll be an awesome big brother!!! I can't wait to see pictures of little Cooper once he arrives!!!