Sunday, June 27, 2010

24 weeks and counting...

Baby Henry and I are now 24 weeks and 2 days into our pregnancy. We only have a couple of more weeks of the 2nd trimester left and then on to the dreaded 3rd trimester. You hear terrible things about that trimester- especially the end of it. I suppose it's natures way of getting you over any fears of labor & delivery. Making sure that you're so swollen, so exhausted, so sick of pregnancy, and so miserable, that you don't care how bad labor is, you just want that baby OUT. That's what I've been told anyway :) Right now I'm totally content being pregnant. I feel good, no swelling in places where there shouldn't be swelling, I'm sleeping well, and I'm getting the "You look so cute!" remarks. Not too shabby. I'm just savoring it while it lasts. I feel like my belly has really "popped" in the last couple of weeks. My scrubs hide it pretty well at work still, but when I put on regular clothes Henry becomes a little more obvious. I'm actually kind of happy about that because I'd much rather look pregnant than look like I've just making too many trips to the Mexican restaurant down the street, which is what I've felt like I looked like up to now. Here's a photo that Henry's dad took yesterday-

My weight gain is still right on track (currently up 13#) but I'm sure any woman can tell you that even though you know your weight gain is necessary and is totally for the best cause in the world, it's still hard to watch the numbers on that scale climb. I've already started devising my "plan" to get back in shape after Henry is born. Hopefully I will follow through on my good intentions. My goal is to run my 1st 5K in April of next year. That gives me 6 months after Henry is born to get ready. I found an AMAZING deal on this so I went ahead and snagged it. I'm hoping that this will somewhat mentally commit me to my running goals.

This week baby Henry is about 12 inches long and weighs about 1 lb 7 oz. That boy is growing!! He's been especially kicky lately- I think it's his little contribution to England's efforts in the World Cup. This week Henry is comparable to the size of an

Another piece of Henry's nursery came together this week and so far it's one of my favorite parts!! You may recall that I went on a big fabric search with my friend Jessica and found fabrics for Henry's crib bedding. This week I got a call from Emily, the precious lady who I was lucky enough to find to make the bedding, and she said it was ready!! I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

I am in love with the little owls! I think finding this little gem on Etsy is what started all the owl affection.

When you pull the cord at the bottom of the owl it plays the sweetest little lullaby!

Baby Henry's wardrobe has had a couple more additions this week as well. Already, this child has some pretty geeky clothes, and they are stinking adorable!! I was very excited that this shirt arrived in the mail this week:

Henry & Will also got these shirts this week as part of Will's birthday present. I think my geeky Brit was quite excited about these shirts.

I honestly think we're having more fun buying boy's clothes than we would be buying girl's clothes. We've only bought about 12 items and I'm pretty impressed with the amount of self-restraint I'm showing in the clothes-buying department, because it really is fun. I love hanging tiny clothes on those tiny little hangers in Henry's closet!

So along with my belly having a growth spurt this week, my tomatoes have also had another little growth spurt. Disappointingly, still no actual tomatoes on the plants, although all of them have blooms now. But they're coming along, so I shouldn't complain.

Our next doctor's appointment in in just over a week. At that appointment I'll have a visit with Dr. Stafford, have my glucose tolerance test, and we get another ultrasound of Henry (since he was stubborn at his last one). This time they will be turning on the 3D module during the ultrasound so I can't wait to post his next set of pictures!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

First official day of summer~ Seriously??

So, today is the first official day of summer. Today's high is supposed to be in the upper 90's. I heard something on the radio this morning about that being a record high for this time of year. No doubt. This makes me afraid. Very afraid. Weather like this makes a pregnant girl quake with fearful anticipation of cankles and other such atrocities related to scorching weather. And every person who I run across who learns that I'm pregnant says something along the lines of "Poor thing. It's going to be a long hot summer for you."

My only salvation may be the pool that is at our neighborhood clubhouse. Surely floating in the water will help relieve my symptoms (as they will surely develop). Let's hope so.

We've already gotten a few pool days in this year. It's our favorite way to spend a Sunday. Will & I get up (more accurately, our pets get us up), have some coffee, decide where we want to go have breakfast, and then start our day. And somehow at the end of that day we always end up at the pool, relaxing, and talking to our wonderful neighbors. Have I mentioned how much I love our neighbors?

This year was Henry's dad's first Father's Day. Maybe an unofficial Father's Day, since Wee Henry hasn't yet made his appearance, but I still think it counts. I think Will was quite pleased with his father's day gift, and it might come in handy!

This Sunday we went to the Franklin Chop House for brunch. French toast! Delicious. Then we headed to the Farmer's Market in Nashville in search of cucumbers & to see if any of the vendors had early tomatoes. Bingo! We found both! Will took this photo of me scouring the market for the cream of the crop. Note the look of extreme concentration on my face :)

We soon found ourselves at Target, attempting to start our baby registry. I was so excited to do this. Mainly because that scan gun looks like loads of fun. I realized, after we got home, that I only got my hands on that gun ONE time the entire time we were there. Apparently someone else thought it was lots of fun too!

We've used this book a lot while deciding what to get for baby Henry. It's been definitely worth the money I spent on it.

We found this little gem while we were there as well. It, however, did not go on the registry because we felt obligated to buy it immediately!

We got a good start on the registry, but hopefully soon we'll be making a repeat trip with my brother and sister-in-law. I need her help to weed out those items that you think you "need" but never use.

Earlier this week that same sister-in-law, Robyn, and I took my overly adorable niece & nephew down to the pool. They were a little leery of the water at first, but adapted pretty quickly. Ella Grace almost immediately made friends with a cute set of twin boys at the pool and managed to commandeer their water guns for a while.

Cohen got in a little water gun action as well.

Hopefully this beautiful crew will have lots of pool days with me this summer!

My tomato garden is coming along pretty well. I always hope to have my first ripe tomato by July 4th but I don't think I've ever actually achieved that goal. The last few weeks have brought a lot of growth.

I was thrilled this week to spot this on one of my plants, and since taking this picture have noticed several other plants in the same situation!

I know the tomatoes I bought at the Farmer's Market will be good but there is NOTHING like eating a tomato that you've grown yourself, especially an heirloom, and especially when you've grown the plant from a tiny seed!

So as of today, baby Henry and I are 23 weeks and 3 days along. Almost 6 months!! I'm still trying to figure out why they claim that pregnancy lasts for 9 months. Hello, it's 40 weeks! That sounds more like 10 months to me. Our 3rd trimester will start around the middle of July. Wow!

This week my iPhone app compares baby Henry to the size of a

It also says that Henry is about 11 inches long and weighs about 1.5 pounds. I'm assuming the banana comparison is in regards to length and not weight because a 1 1/2 pound banana is scary stuff.

I'll end today's blog post with a little visual hilarity for your enjoyment. We decided to actually post a picture of my "pregnant belly", mainly so Will's family can see how thick I'm getting. But somebody didn't want to be left out. So, as a result I have two photos for you: a picture of me at 23 weeks, and a picture of my Silly Brit at 23 weeks...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Little Brit has a Bed!

Will & I have now officially assembled our first piece of baby furniture. We were pretty impressed with ourselves because #1, we didn't have any parts left over at the end of assembly and #2 because it didn't disintegrate into a million pieces when we moved it across the room! Hooray for geeks with allen wrenches! I'm going for kind of a whimsical/vintage look in Henry's nursery, and I think this crib will fit in with the decor nicely. Here is a little documentation of the empty nursery and of the crib assembly process:

Here's a little close-up of the crib detail. This crib has such an antique feel to it!

Here's a picture of Henry's dad doing what he calls "practicing"... I'm pretty sure he's going to be the world's best dad!

So now we have a grand total of 2 things in the nursery. Henry's crib and Henry's carseat/stroller. And right now both things are topped off with a layer of aluminum foil. What? You think that's weird? Well, it's with good reason- supposedly, cats will not jump onto surfaces covered with aluminum foil, so we're going to try to convince the cats now, before Henry's arrival, that the nursery is a very un-hip place to play. I will say, the foil gives our nursery quite a modern edge.

Last week one of my good friends (and neighbors), Jess, met me at Textile Fabrics in Nashville for a fabric search for baby Henry's room. One of her friends will be making my curtain panels for the nursery, and a sweet lady who works at the fabric store will be making Henry's bedding. So all that was left for us to do was to find the perfect fabric. When we walked in the store, I knew they had the fabric I was picturing in my head, it was just a matter of finding it. Henry's nursery doesn't have a specific theme other than the fact that the inspiration for the vintage/whimsical look is this quilt that I bought from etsy.

We fell in love with the sweet little birds that are in the center of the quilt. After browsing around the fabric store for an hour or so, Jess and I ran across this fabric:

I think it's going to be perfect for Henry's drapes! The fabric for the bedding has similar colors, and has a precious vintage owl design. I forgot to take pictures of that, however, before surrendering it to Emily (who is making the bedding). It should be ready in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to see it. Once we get the drapes and bedding, then I can start making a decision about wall color :)

As of today, baby Henry and I are 22 weeks and 4 days into the pregnancy. I'm still feeling good, although the amount of heartburn I'm having every day is outrageous. Tums are my daily hero. I'm up a total of 12.5 pounds, which is right on track for this point in the pregnancy. Henry's little movements are getting more consistent. He gets pretty active around dinnertime each night, and on Sunday night Will was actually able to feel him moving around for the first time! He immediately displayed the smile of a proud Papa!

This week Henry is about 11 inches long, a about 1.2 pounds, and is the size of a

papaya! We were walking through Publix on Sunday and I spotted a papaya in the produce section. That sucker looked pretty big! I can't believe how much our little poppyseed has grown!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Baby Henry's Size of the Week

This week marked our 21st week of pregnancy. It's so hard to believe we're over halfway there, and that in about 4 months we'll be seeing our baby boy for the first time! Wow!

Henry's mom is still steadily gaining weight- up about 11 pounds now- which according to my sources, is right on track. This, by the way, is miraculous considering the amount of ice cream Henry's mom has consumed in the past week. We are currently attempting to get that bad habit under control. Baby Henry weighs a whopping one pound this week. He is now the size of a

spaghetti squash! He is approximately 8 inches long. He is now able to perceive light and dark and has developed hair & eyelashes. This week Baby Henry has seemed more active! His little kicks and movements can be felt from time to time, mainly when I'm trying to sleep at night. Our ultrasound tech said that my placenta is anterior (sitting in the front of the uterus) so it's acting as a cushion, which is why it has taken so long to be able to feel those little kicks. Weirdest feeling in the world, but I kind of like it :) I'm sure they'll just more & more regular as time passes. Will & I have a doppler at home, so a couple of times a week we listen to Henry's heartbeat as well. That sound is music to Mama's ears!

Henry's crib came in yesterday, so it looks like we have a new project for today. Pics soon!