Sunday, July 25, 2010

We're seeing Red...

Finally! Coming in from walking the dogs one morning this week, I spotted these on my slow-motion tomato plants!

The "Besser" tomato plant decided to appease me a little and give me a few red cherry tomatoes. Four tomatoes to be exact. I'll take it...for now :)

The weather in Tennessee has been unbelievably hot this month. The heat index has been at least 100 on a couple of days this week. Will is loving this weather. And while I much prefer it to winter, this heat has been downright stifling. So of course, this led me (once again) to thoughts of one thing- the ever elusive snow cone. So on Friday, off to East Nashville I went. First thing, I grabbed a quick lunch at one of my favorite spots- "I Dream of Weenie"- located inside a bright yellow VW van. Awesome.


The plan was, post-hotdog, to pop next door to them to grab a delicious, refreshing, cooling snowcone. Nope. Not that day. I had arrived about 45 minutes before they opened, and I just couldn't fathom the idea of sitting in 90+ degree heat during the wait. Maybe next time fellas.

I love East Nashville. It's so eclectic and funky- tons of amazing local businesses, including one of our favorite restaurants, Batter'd & Fried. If it had been about 15 degrees cooler, I would have spent an hour or so strolling around with the camera, but it just wasn't going to happen that day.

Yesterday Will & I got to be part of a birthday extravaganza. My niece, Ella Grace, had her 4th birthday party at the Fun & Party Zone in Spring Hill- basically a building full of huge inflated slides and things to jump on. The kids had a blast. Several of the adults (namely my brother) couldn't resist joining in with the kiddos either! Highly entertaining to any bystander.

Although Cohen was a bit too small to get into the slide scene this year, he managed to keep himself entertained with balls...and other things...

Ella Grace had a "Tinkerbell" party this year. As usual, Robyn did an amazing job with the decorations and party favors. She made the cutest cupcake tower ever, and at the end of the party each girl got a set of fairy wings, and each boy got a pirate hat & eye patch.

Ella Grace had a great time and I think she liked her gift from "A" and Will. Each year for her birthday, I make Ella Grace a birthday book that condenses all the events of the previous year. I think it will be something she really treasures when she's older- for now, it's just cool to have a book full of pictures of yourself!

So as of today, Henry and I are 28 weeks and 2 days into the pregnancy. I can tell I'm feeling just a bit more tired, but I'm unsure of whether to blame that on the 3rd trimester or the weather. At any rate, things seem to be moving along well. This week Henry is about 17 inches long and almost 3 pounds. This week Henry is about the size of a

He's still keeping pretty active and making his Mama's belly jump. Speaking of his Mama's belly, it is definitely still growing:

Hopefully we'll be able to get the nursery painted in the next couple of weeks and I'll have an updated picture to share. I'll end todays blog update with this image of adorableness. I can't wait to put Henry's chubby little feet into these!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Well hello there, 3rd trimester...

We have officially made it through the first 2 1/2 days of the 3rd trimester. No one has been injured, no proclamations of "Look what you did to me!" least not yet :) Will has definitely kept me pretty pampered, and I don't think he could possibly realize how much I appreciate it. He cooks, does laundry, and definitely has done his fair share of dog walking. I've been doing daily cankle patrol- so far no episodes of unusual swelling in my legs. I'm very thankful for that as well. Last week at my doctor's appointment I had the one hour glucose screening test. I failed. Not miserably failed, but failed nonetheless. My glucose was too high, so I had to go back a few days ago and endure the 3 hour glucose tolerance test. Not fun for a girl with bad veins. It's amazing what you'll do for your kid, even before he gets here! 4 timed blood draws, 3 hours, 2 bruised arms & one bottle of syrupy glucose filled beverage... The results are still pending, but hopefully we'll know in the next couple of days whether or not I have gestational diabetes. Fingers crossed that all will be well. I've definitely been back on the wagon as far as eating healthy (at least for the most part). No weight gain since the last doctor's visit. I'm still holding steady at 14 pounds, which is good for 27 weeks. Slow and steady is the goal. Here's a picture of me at 27 weeks 2 days with baby Henry. Oh, and also, a pic of Will at 27 weeks 2 days with baby Layla.

Henry, on the other hand, has done a little growing in the last week! Henry is now about 2 1/2 pounds and 16 inches in length! His hearing is fully developed and he now now blinking and breathing. He is approximately the size of

a head of cauliflower. What a big boy! He's doing a lot more kicking these days, and I can almost predict what times of day he'll start. It's hard to believe it will be less than 3 months before he arrives. I have added to Henry's wardrobe what I think might be my FAVORITE item so far.

The tomato garden is still coming along, although I swear that tomato production is in slow motion. The plants have gotten so much bigger this year than they did last year in the containers. They are outgrowing the tomato cages. There are a million blooms on the plants, and about 10 little tomatoes, but the tomatoes are growing SO SLOW!! I'm pretty sure that once they start going, they are REALLY going to go. I'll have more tomatoes than I know what to do with. So the plan is that I'm going to try to can tomatoes and salsa this year. I think I'm going to go the route of water bath canning, since I'm somewhat intimidated by the pressure cooker method. Too many years of working as an ER nurse will do that do you.

Last night Will and I met up with our wonderful friend Mark for dinner. We headed to downtown Franklin and had a wonderful meal at Puckett's. I had some delicious Shrimp & Grits while the boys had BBQ and Prime Rib.

Afterwards we strolled around the square for a while. I love the square in Franklin. You can tell such pride and care is put into it.

And much to my delight (but probably to my doctor's dismay) we came across a lovely little shop called "Sweet CeCe's". Oh my. Flavor after flavor of frozen yogurt and too many toppings available to even list. And it's all a self-serve concept, which was absolutely brilliant on their part. People love it. The line was out the door and down the sidewalk. Kind of like being at Disney World, except with the most delicious frozen concoction waiting at the end of the line. You really couldn't have smacked the smile off my face.

It was a lovely night with two of my favorite people.

So that's about it for us for this week in our neck of the woods. I'm sure we'll have more to report soon!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Feast or famine...

Lately it seems it's been either feast or famine here on "Our Cheeky Life"... No posts for almost two weeks, and then two within two days! But I had a few pictures to share, it's raining, and my adorable Brit is engrossed in the World Cup's final why not?

On Friday afternoon my brother and sister-in-law came over with two of my favorite cuties for a little dip in the pool. Ella Grace was SO much braver this time! She got into the 4 & 5 foot water, which is a huge contrast to last time, when she was hesitant to get in over her knees. And all it took to get her there was a set of arm floaties along with a huge ring floatie. I told Robyn, "She's a lot of float, and a little kid!". Nevertheless, we were so proud of her! Cohen strutted around in his usual adorable fashion, wooing all the ladies within a 2 mile radius.

The next morning the Brit and I woke up, had a late breakfast, and then traipsed on down to the Franklin Farmer's Market. As usual, it was full of colorful foods along with colorful people. I think my next Saturday off, I may take one of my lawn chairs, set up camp for a few hours, and just people watch for a while. I came home with a few delicious goodies from the trip.

Later on that night I met up with some girls from work for dinner. Lacey, the other NP who works with me at the clinic, is also pregnant. She's about 10 weeks ahead of me. We all took her out for dinner in honor of baby Max! We went to Miller's Grocery in Christiana (just outside Murfreesboro) and had a delicious meal while being surrounded by great music. Miller's is a old grocery store turned restaurant kind of in the middle of nowhere, but don't be fooled by the isolated location. The inside of that place is anything BUT isolated. Luckily we had a dinner reservation, or we would have had a quite a wait for a table. From the the mismatched chairs and table cloths to the creaky wood floors, this is a place that just screams character. Word about this place has traveled, and with good reason. The fellas providing the dinner music were after my heart- they even played a little Oakridge Boys! Who doesn't love a little old school "Elvira"?

What Miller's is supposedly famous for is it's selection of scrumptious desserts. I was not prepared for what I saw. Apologies to my OB doctor, but I had to have just one little "slip" this week. Back on the straight and narrow tomorrow, but this was too much for a pregnant girl to resist!

Friday, July 9, 2010

And we finally have tomatoes!!

It sure seems like it took long enough, but I FINALLY have some tomatoes on my plants. I mean, seriously, I have been growing these things since March. It's about time they coughed up a few! Never mind the fact that they are the size of mosquito testicles. They are still tomatoes and that makes me happy. Now, at least once a day, I just stand there and stare at them- which is very similar to watching grass grow- but I do it anyway. My cucumber plant finally snapped out of it's coma and decided to grow some this week as well.

It's been another dry sweltering week in Tennessee. This kind of weather is, again, good for mostly one thing. Pool time!! Our friends Jen & Michael came over last weekend to hang out at the pool with us. They brought Sofi, their hilarious & fiesty daughter. Love that kid! She is one tough girl. She just got a cast cut off of her leg last week. She fell outside while playing ball and managed to break her FEMUR (thigh bone)- and that is one tough bone to break. The poor girl was in a cast for 6 weeks. They casted her left leg down to her ankle, her right leg down to the knee, and the top of the cast went halfway up her torso. Sofi handled it 100 times better than any adult I know would have! Her orthopedic doc suggested that pool time would be great therapy for the little trooper, so I was excited to have them come over!

On July 6th we had another OB appointment. This was another big one, so my Mom joined in on the trip.

We got to see baby Henry again! On the day of the appointment we were 25 weeks and 4 days along. I was also getting my glucose tolerance test this day, so before the ultrasound I got do drink 5 ounces of what I can only assimilate to pure liquid sugar. Not the tastiest beverage I've ever savored for sure, but it did serve as an excellent agent to get Henry to dance around during the ultrasound! The tech was able to get all the diagnostic images she needed this time, plus was able to get us a couple of 3D photos of Henry's little face!

and his soccer foot!

and his, ummm, other parts... Yep, we still have a boy!

At the time of the ultrasound Henry weighed 1 pound 14 ounces. He is about 14 inches long. He's really starting to grow! At this point in fetal development Henry is supposed to have more regular sleep and wake cycles and he has brain waves similar to a newborn's. Henry is really getting stronger in there. His kicks and somersaults are to the point where you couldn't possibly mistake them for anything else. We have actually been able to SEE my stomach move when he really gets going. It's great!

Henry's mom got into a little trouble at the doctor's office this week. While I"m still within range for weight gain at this point in the pregnancy (up 16# total), I somehow managed to gain 7 pounds since my doctors visit a month ago. Too much for 4 weeks! So I've really really been committed to eating better since the visit, and so far so good. Just please don't walk by me with Sonic onion rings!

At our next appointment we will be seeing a different doctor at the practice. Once you hit 26 weeks you rotate through each of the remaining doctors in the office, giving you a chance to meet and interact with each of them- in case a doctor other than "your" doctor is on call when it's time for the baby to make his grand entrance. I think this is an excellent idea and I'm looking forward to meet all of them. It also makes me realize that we really are getting so much closer to the time when we'll be parents! Only 14 weeks left!! Next week we will begin the dreaded third trimester, but having such a wonderful thing to look forward at the end of it will hopefully make it easier to get through!