Monday, September 6, 2010

Afternoon with the Cieteks

On Sunday afternoon, Will & I spent a couple of hours with our very good friends (and neighbors) Bob & Jess and their awesome daughter, Harper. We're glad to grab any opportunity to get more practice behind the camera, so the five of us set off for a stroll around the neighborhood. Their dog, Moss, even managed to sneak in for a few photos at the end. Good girl, Moss!

Thanks for letting us practice on you, guys! It was so much fun!


Jessica Cietek said...

Angela and Will, I ADORE these photos. You guys really have a talent, thanks for letting us to be the victims of practice:) Anytime Sista, anytime!

You guys are so sweet, I can't wait to get some sweet shots of your family!

Angela Zuill said...

I'm so glad you like them Jess! You guys were great practice! And I can't WAIT for you to get shots of our family!! We'll just set up a regular photography exchange! Wooohooo!