Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010- and our little Butterball

Wow. It's been 2 weeks since my last blog post. Those of you who keep up with us know that's not my style at all. I guess that pretty well illustrates the lack of excess time to be found around Casa Zuill. Young Henry Zuill does a fine job of keeping Mama & Daddy occupied 98% of the time. The other 2% of the time we can be found trying to hurriedly scrounge up something to eat or making a quick bathroom run. I might be exaggerating just a little. Maybe.

So, I guess we have 2 weeks of updating to do.

Henry is now 1 month and 2 days old. He is still growing like a weed!! I seriously think that if he continues to grow at his current rate, pretty soon we'll be able to charge admission to see him. When he was born he weighed 8 pounds. He is now up to almost 11 1/2. He is the owner of the most adorable squeezable chubby cheeks you will ever lay eyes on. He has managed to build up two little fat rolls on his thighs. His Mama loves this because it is reassurance that, yes, he is getting plenty to eat. He is quickly outgrowing almost all of his newborn clothes, leaving me in a scramble to try to make sure he gets to wear every outfit at least once before they are too small. Because some of them are just too cute NOT to wear once.

Henry is much more alert these days. During the daytime he still naps but not for nearly as long. He loves his bouncy seat & his swing. Sometimes he just hangs out with Layla and gets sniffed or has tummy time. And sometimes he has heart-to-hearts with my dad, aka his "Pappy" (who, by the way, is quite enamored with Baby Henry).

Henry had his first Thanksgiving this year. We went down to Pulaski to my parent's house for the usual feast of turkey, dressing, and all the fixings. Henry had the pleasure of being entertained by his two favorite cousins in between naps.

Henry and Daddy did a little bonding this week as well. AND Henry had his first bottle (of breastmilk) so Will got to experience feeding Henry. This was quite a big deal at our house.

Up until the past few days we have had unseasonably gorgeous weather here in Tennessee. To take advantage of that we went with our friend Anne and her two beautiful kids up to Centennial Park to try to get some photos for their Christmas card. Henry seemed fairly unimpressed by the Parthenon.

We had a great time hanging with our friends, and managed to get a few good photos for her to use.

They were so funny to take photos of. Following the pattern of most kids, the minute we would snap a shot we would hear little voices say "Can I see?". So cute.

We hope you all had as wonderful of a Thanksgiving with your families as we did!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Our little party animal...

Well, party animal might not be a totally accurate description. But Henry did go to his first party over the weekend. And not just any party- we went to a "Beatles Pub Party" hosted by some great folks. Here's an accurate illustration of Henry's interactions at the party -

Didn't he rock the Beatles shirt? It was a great party with lively music and singing and an assortment of people in Beatles themed costumes. Thanks for the invite friends, and next time we promise not to sneak out at such an early hour. We had such a great time during the short time we were there and I can't imagine a better kick-off to Henry's social agenda!

And as any proper "Eleanor Rigby" would, I brought along my face in a jar. And I did leave it by the door.

Other than his first party, Henry had another "first" this week. Will and I got brave enough (or foolish enough) to take Henry out for his first official dining experience. So off to East Nashville we went to pay a long overdue visit to "Batter'd & Fried"- one of our favorite restaurants (gotta start the kid off right!). The food was great (especially our spicy tuna roll) and the boy was content so we've labeled this one as a success!!

So it's been a pretty busy week again for young Henry. It's amazing that he had time to fit anything into his social calendar at all, since 98% of his time is spent eating. Our boy has grown! He now weighs 9 pounds! He managed to gain an entire pound in his first 2 1/2 weeks here on Earth. Good job, son! When he's not busy eating (or partying) he pretty much just spends time looking utterly adorable.

He also spent a little time sizing up the competition around the house.

Sometimes he pretends to cry so that he can get Daddy to march him around the house on his shoulder and sing silly songs to him. It's pretty stinking cute.

This week Will purchased what I think will prove to be a very special book to our family. I hope that one day Henry gets as much pleasure out of reading it as we have gotten out of creating "Our Cheeky Life".

It seems unreal that Henry will be 3 weeks old tomorrow! It seems like we were just driving to the hospital! Time is flying by, but we'll keep doing our best to keep you up to date on what's going on! As always, thanks for checking in on us!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We haven't broken him yet!!

We have been home with our newest addition for nearly two weeks! It's so hard to believe that time is already passing so quickly. The first few days were pretty much a blur of feedings, changing, and catching naps when we could. Now things are settling in to a little more of a routine and I feel like I can relax enough to really enjoy being Mama to this precious boy. Henry has shown us the ropes and I think we're starting to get the hang of this parenting thing! Will has been able to take a month off from work for paternity leave, so we have had an abundance of family time here at Casa Zuill, and I am soaking up and loving every second with my two guys.

In his two short weeks here on earth Henry has had a packed schedule. In addition to constantly eating and frequently napping, he has managed to survive his first sponge bath (and was thrilled as you can probably deduct from his facial expression).

At the ripe old age of 6 days Henry had his first visit to the pediatrician's office.

He was already back up to his birth weight (plus 0.4 ounces) and got a clean bill of health from Dr. MeNeely. We will be going back for our next visit in December, when young Henry will receive a round of vaccinations (gasp!).

Henry has also managed to schedule some story time with Daddy. Luckily, the stories that Daddy picks out for real Henry are a little more bedtime-friendly than the stories that were chosen for "Flat Henry"...

We have definitely been taking advantage of the days with temperatures in the 70s with neighborhood strolls. For Henry, stroller=sedative. Nice.

Henry has also made the rounds visiting relatives. Last week he hung out with his cousins for a little while. Ella Grace is quite the little Mama, wanting to hold Henry almost immediately. Then, almost immediately after taking him into her arms, she looked at me and in a quite matter-of-fact manner stated "A, I think Henry pooped again" and handed him back to me for a diaper change! Smart girl!

Henry also made his first trip to Pulaski this week to visit his grandmother and great-grandmother. I think they might like him just a little bit. It might have something to do with his astounding fashion sense.

I'll leave you today with these images from Henry's newborn photo shoot. Our friend (and photographer) Sarah Gilliam yet again managed to capture some wonderful images, except this time the images were not just of Will and me, but of our family. Wow.

Obviously we love all the photos, but this next one really hold a special place with us because this is the tree that Will and I have both photographed over the last year. I think this photo of the tree surpasses any that we have taken, but I'll let you judge for yourself...