Monday, January 31, 2011

Here Comes the Sun!!

From the cold depths of a Tennessee winter arose two glorious days of sunshine and 60 degree temperatures! Don't think for a second that baby Henry didn't get a healthy dose of those rays! Weather like that is made for walking and that's exactly what we did. Henry did some of his traveling while snugly held close to his Mama, but he also had the opportunity to test ride his new stroller!

It was absolutely gorgeous outside. Days like this are such a welcome break from snow and bitter cold winds but it seems to make it that much harder when Old Man Winter rears his ugly face again.

When the weather does keep us indoors we still manage to find ways to keep ourselves entertained. Henry helps his Daddy out on conference calls.

He also practices his Elvis impersonation...

And then eventually he gets annoyed by his Mama's incessant photo taking.

He's also had time to work up the world's most impressive case of bed head. Wow!

Lots of time indoors gives baby Henry time for long leisurely baths. Baths have proven to be extremely fun once Henry discovered these handy little things at the ends of his legs.

And even more fun once he discovered that those little things could make big splashes!

Splashing causes baby Henry to feel quite pleased with himself.

Henry will be 14 weeks old tomorrow! Over the last week or so there has been a huge difference in our schedule around here. I've been working really hard to get Henry on an "eat, play, sleep" routine, and man has it made a difference! I'm able to better predict what he needs when he gets fussy (which is usually either that he wants to eat or needs a nap), quickly tend to that need, and now we have a much happier Henry for the most part! It's great! I'm also very pleased with the fact the 90% of his naps are now taking place in his crib! The naps are still short (usually 35-45 minutes) but he's taking them every 3 hours or so. Hopefully the naps will start to lengthen out as he gets older. His nighttime stretches are also lengthening out. We frequently get the 5 hour stretch (which according to the literature is considered to be "sleeping through the night" as his age), but he hasn't yet actually slept through the night (by his Mama's standards). But we're getting there.

The other new development around here is that Henry's Mama has started running! My plan is to run the Mule Day 5K in April. I've downloaded the "Couch to 5K" app on my iphone and am using that as my training guide. It's a 9 week program composed of walking/running intervals, gradually adding more and more running. At the end of the 9 weeks I'm supposed to be able to run the entire 5k with no walking! The first day was kind of rough. Okay, truthfully, the next day I could barely walk- but since then things have seemed much easier and my limp has substantially decreased :) Once the weather gets consistently nicer we'll break out the jogging stroller so that baby Henry can join me on my runs.

Hope you're staying warm and thanks for checking in!

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Boy Who Never Sleeps...Is Sleeping!!

Henry has accumulated many nicknames in his short time here on earth. He has been referred to as "Squirrel", "Cranky Hank", and "The Boy Who Never Sleeps" to name a few. Determined to prove his mother wrong (isn't he too young for that?) he is currently inching towards the 1.5 hour mark on his afternoon nap. Go Henry! This gives his Mama a few minutes to quickly post some adorable photos from our last few days~

Over the weekend Henry and I made a trip to Nashville to make a Dury's run. It had been determined that our household was severely lacking in the 50mm camera lens department- a situation that required immediate remediation. So off we went, and purchase was made. We made a beeline for the house after leaving Dury's and Henry's dad and I immediately began breaking in our new toy. How about this picture of Will and his "mini-me"?

Even Preston got in on the photography extravaganza. He seemed thrilled.

All weekend Henry was followed around with the camera. I'm pretty sure he might think his Mama & Daddy have "Canon" stamped on their foreheads. The poor boy couldn't even do his tummy time in peace. He was pretty interested in that good looking boy he spotted in his mirror!

On Saturday we had a wonderful day helping to celebrate my nephew's birthday. It's so hard to believe Cohen is already two! I'm sure that before I know it I'll be saying the same thing about my sweet Henry! The kids had a great time at Cohen's Toy Story birthday celebration, and Will and I spent a little time behind the lens capturing these sweet childhood memories.

Henry, who usually only prefers to be held by Mama or Daddy, was much more sociable that day! His grandmother was VERY pleased with this fact. I love this photo of the two of them. Love it.

However, Henry made it clear that being so sociable is utterly exhausting. (Note- this sleeping was done with 6 screaming kids running through the house) Sweet boy.

Thanks for stopping by, and we'll be back soon for more updates on your friendly neighborhood spider-baby!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hanging with Henry...

So, as most of you have probably already figured out by now, all of my time these days is spent focusing on this little guy.

Henry is now only 6 days away from being 3 months old! Over the last couple of weeks he has really become increasingly alert. While holding my chunky little baby boy still ranks at the top of my "favorite things" list, it's nice to be able to actually put him on his playmat or in his bouncy seat, and watch him entertain himself. This is how Henry spends most of his time these days:

Bouncing (well, really he's mostly just stands in it, but still stinking cute- and would you look at those legs!!)

Bumbo seat (and yes we had to SQUEEZE those thighs in)

Mirror games with Daddy

Tummy time

Walks with Mama (when the wind chill factor isn't below zero)

Getting his fat rolls thoroughly cleaned

Having CRAZY hair

and OCCASIONALLY napping

Henry is still sleeping in his crib like a champ, and is more consistently giving us those longer stretches of sleep at night which is so so nice. With the exception of two nights this week, he has only woken up once during the night to nurse. Good boy! He is currently tipping the scales at a whopping 16 pounds!! Double his birth weight at only 3 months! Oh my.

Thanks for checking in on us and our sweet baby Henry!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wide Awake Jake...

So back to the regular blog contributor of the house- but wasn't my Brit's "anniversary blog" sweet? It's been a wonderful two years together! It's gone by so quickly, but at the same time, it feels like I've known him my entire life! It's funny how that works.

Henry is 11 weeks old today. It's hard to believe. It seems like it was just a couple of weeks ago that I was telling Will that I was ready to head to the hospital, and here we are, almost 3 months later. It really has gone by quickly- although I'll admit that there have been (cranky) days that have seemed to CRAWL by. But for the most part it has flown. One of the blogs I follow described the first few months with your baby as "the best of times and the worst of times all rolled into one". I think this is true. You spend the first few months frustrated and unsure, while being completely exhausted, running on the bare minimum amount of sleep- but it's all being done for this amazing little creature, who with one gummy little smile, can make every second of it worthwhile. Ahhhh....motherhood.

Once Henry hits 3 months old he will no longer be considered a newborn- he'll have officially moved into the "infant" category. I've explained to him that ALL the books say that at 3 months he should be sleeping much much better and for longer stretches at night. I've told him that both of his cousins were sleeping through the night at his age. He does not seem impressed. We'll see how it goes. He generally wakes up twice a night to nurse, which I think is actually pretty normal for this point, but I can't deny a strong STRONG craving for an entire night of uninterrupted sleep. Not to mention that I know that Henry needs more sleep than what he's currently getting. Nap times remain our biggest hurdle. A lot of this is probably my fault, as I have let him grow accustomed to me holding and rocking him during the day. My grandmother would say "I told you so". But we're working on it.

I am, however, very proud to report that he has been sleeping in his crib every night for a week now. It's time to retire the bassinet to the attic (which is a good thing since he has officially exceeded it's weight limit). On good nights Henry will go down after nursing and sleep for five glorious uninterrupted hours. He did this 3 nights this week. Then he's up every 2 hours or so for the rest of the night. Once he nears the 4 month mark next month, we're going to begin sleep training if he's still waking this often at night. My plan for this is currently still in the research & development phase. My theory is, that once we get Henry into a better sleep routine, we'll go from THIS:

to THIS:

We've made a point to develop and stick to a consistent bedtime routine for Henry. First he gets a bath (which thankfully no longer leads to screaming).

Then we get into his PJs and settle into Mama & Daddy's bed for story time. Last night I read Henry a book called "Wide Awake Jake"- a story about a little boy who can't sleep, but of course, in the end settles in for a good night's sleep. This has also been a bedtime favorite lately since it's such a sweet book and brief enough to blend nicely with the short attention span of a (nearly) 3 month old...

Then it's time to eat and off to bed. We're going to keep working on this and see how things go. Hopefully the 5 hour stretch will grow into 6 hours, etc, etc... If not, then let the sleep training begin!

Henry has added another achievement to his baby resume this week:

Yep, the boy has discovered his thumb and has become his thumb's biggest fan. If it helps with "self soothing" then who am I to interfere?

Have you ever heard of BabyLegs? Okay, so I never thought I'd put something that SO resembles leg-warmers on my SON, but tell me this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen? Plus, when we're at home during the day it makes diaper changes so much easier! I could just eat these chubby little Union Jack flag legs up!

I also discovered another amazing baby invention. Last week Young Henry was the not so proud owner of the world's snottiest nose. This is not conducive to sleeping or nursing. So after much research, I discovered the NoseFrida.

The concept, at first introduction, makes you think "Eeewwwww!!", but I'm telling you, this thing WORKS!! Basically you are using your own mouth suction to suck the snot out of your baby's nose (with your end being protected by a filter of course). The official website even refers to it as "The Snot Sucker". Who wouldn't want to use something with that label? I'm telling you, if you have a snotty infant or toddler who can't blow his/her nose, get one!! Henry tolerates it much better than the bulb suction and it's so much more efficient. And maybe it's the nurse in me, but there's something extremely satisfying about getting all that snot out of your kid's nose.

Who would have ever thought my blog would evolve into posts about snot sucking and story telling?

I'll end this week with a few shots of Henry being both adored and adorable...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

National Lick Your Own Feet Day

So Today's entry comes again from Will rather than Angela. Why? Well, Today is a VERY special day. Let me take you back two years……


Will : "…….Maybe next time you are heading north and fancy some dinner or drinks, we could meet up ? (Wow, that was cheesy wasn't it? :) ).

…..Moo Woop Woop the cat having a purr festival next to me. Did you know it was national purring day today? Apparently it is! Its also it seems (according to moo woop woop) national lick your own feet day, which is difficult to buy cards for in Publix. Although writing the rhymes inside those cards would be fun...

Since the last holiday has been a while,
You needed something to make you smile,
So I decide to give you a treat....

Last line writes itself really doesn't it?"

Angela: "….I'm always headed north, it seems, and I would very much like to have dinner and/or drinks with you. But only if you'll make me a home-made greeting card :)"

Will: "….Perfect for dinner/drinks then....just let me know when best works for you...your schedule is probably tighter than mine to get something in. I'm free most of the time...which probably isn't good is it? oh, and fake greetings card it is...I'll just have to pick a nicer national holiday than National lick your own feet day :-) "

And so on January 9th 2009, Angela and I met for the very first time (after chatting via email).

It's been an amazing two years with the most loving, kind, funny, intelligent (and cheeky) women you'll ever meet.

Every day I feel blessed that we were brought together and with each day I get to spend with my best friend. I still think about her, every day, like some love sick teenager….even on National 'Lick Your Own feet' day.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

On the very last night of 2009 I welcomed the arrival of the New Year with a kiss from the most loving, giving, and amazing man I've ever met. We had the obligatory champagne to celebrate, and afterward, Will introduced me to this tradition...

According to my Brit, inserting a quarter into the cork from the bottle will bring a year's worth of good luck.

Does it actually work? Let's review 2010...

I have made friends with and spent time with amazing people and with my family.

I have spent 12 months with the most loving man I'll ever know.

With this same man, I have helped to create the most amazing child I will ever meet.

So does it work? I'd have to say yes.

Happy New Year to you and yours, and here's to an even better year than the one departing!