Sunday, January 9, 2011

National Lick Your Own Feet Day

So Today's entry comes again from Will rather than Angela. Why? Well, Today is a VERY special day. Let me take you back two years……


Will : "…….Maybe next time you are heading north and fancy some dinner or drinks, we could meet up ? (Wow, that was cheesy wasn't it? :) ).

…..Moo Woop Woop the cat having a purr festival next to me. Did you know it was national purring day today? Apparently it is! Its also it seems (according to moo woop woop) national lick your own feet day, which is difficult to buy cards for in Publix. Although writing the rhymes inside those cards would be fun...

Since the last holiday has been a while,
You needed something to make you smile,
So I decide to give you a treat....

Last line writes itself really doesn't it?"

Angela: "….I'm always headed north, it seems, and I would very much like to have dinner and/or drinks with you. But only if you'll make me a home-made greeting card :)"

Will: "….Perfect for dinner/drinks then....just let me know when best works for you...your schedule is probably tighter than mine to get something in. I'm free most of the time...which probably isn't good is it? oh, and fake greetings card it is...I'll just have to pick a nicer national holiday than National lick your own feet day :-) "

And so on January 9th 2009, Angela and I met for the very first time (after chatting via email).

It's been an amazing two years with the most loving, kind, funny, intelligent (and cheeky) women you'll ever meet.

Every day I feel blessed that we were brought together and with each day I get to spend with my best friend. I still think about her, every day, like some love sick teenager….even on National 'Lick Your Own feet' day.

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