Sunday, February 20, 2011

Henry's growing resume...

What a big week for baby Henry. Determined to have the most impressive baby resume in the neighborhood, he's added several things to his skill set~

Just 2 days after rolling from front to back, he managed to roll from back to front!

He's become an adorable pro at tummy time.

He's decided to take on the role of being the neighborhood baby geek. Appropriate considering his paternal genetics. (Both boys are wearing Star Trek shirts for you non-geeks)

He's put in a few hours of grueling playtime in the exersaucer he borrowed from his cousins. He not only played with the toys but also gave them a taste test.

He's practiced his sitting skills. His Mama might have been encouraging this just a little bit. What can I say? You can get MUCH better pictures of a sitting baby! I'm surprised, however, that the massive string of drool coming from his mouth didn't throw him completely off balance!

He's been experimenting with his hair styles. This was the new look for the week.

The biggest accomplishment that baby Henry had this week I don't have a picture of. Know why? Because it's hard to capture a photo of the evasive baby phenomenon known as "SLEEPING ALL NIGHT". That's right!! On Wednesday night we put Henry to bed at 9pm and he didn't wake up until 6:30am. Amazing. I did exactly what my mother told me I would do. I woke up at 6am, thought "wow, it seems like he's been asleep for a long time", looked at my clock, and raced in to quietly lean over his crib and check for breathing! And of course, he was just fine. Admittedly he only did it the one night, but all the other nights this week he's slept his usual 10 hours, waking only once to eat. I realize that this newly found sleeping pattern may fall to pieces at the first sign of teething or change of wind direction, but believe me, I'm enjoying it while it lasts!

Only 8 more days left in February. It's hard to believe the month is nearly gone already. This spring chicken is NOT complaining, trust me. Spring is my favorite season and it can never get here fast enough to suit me. I have to admit, however, that Mister February has taken it easy on us the last week or so. Weather in the high 50s-60s? I'll take that over snow any day! I've been doing all of my runs outside this week. It's so much harder on a physical level than treadmill running, but SO much more enjoyable- even with those spiteful hills. I feel like I'm getting stronger with each run. We've also gotten out for walks every time we've gotten a chance this week. Sunshine is good for the soul. Especially when you're wearing a cute baby.

Thanks for stopping by and soak in this sunshine!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love, Love, Love...

So as you may have read in my previous post, this year's Valentine's Day did bring some sadness.

But with the bad there also came some good.

Henry's first Valentine- from his Uncle Mark (too bad Henry is too little to eat the candy and his Mama had to take care of it for him)

Flowers from a sneaky Brit who couldn't be any sweeter if he tried~

And of course, an adorable baby wearing the best Valentine's Day ensemble ever~

So, regarding that adorable baby...he had a HUGE milestone this week. Will was gone to California all week last week and I teasingly kept telling him "Henry is going to roll over while you're gone". So, you know what happened of course. He did. On Friday afternoon baby Henry rolled over for the first time, from belly to back, while he was on his floor gym! I immediately called Will (who was the the airport waiting to come home), and then right after that I started hoping that Henry wasn't going to be one of those babies who roll over once and then don't do it again for a month. But not our Henry. He rolled over twice the next day for his Daddy! What a good boy!

Henry has figured out how to Houdini himself out of his swaddle. This is the scene I walked in on one morning when I went to get him out of his crib.

Henry is also a drool factory. And anything and everything that comes near his mouth MUST go in it. His hand, your shirt, his bath towel- doesn't matter.

He also spent a little time this week helping his Mama get some awesome pictures.

Thanks for checking in with us! Hope you've had a week full of love- we sure have!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Our BB...

This year on Valentine's Day we had to make the painful decision to let go of one of our furry family members. Scrubbly-Bubbly-Boo (aka Scrub, Boo-Bell, Boo-Boo and most commonly BB) was one of our three feline companions. Over the last few months BB has fought illness after having a melanoma removed from her tail. She was a tough & very brave girl- and today BB finally got to rest.

BB was our most spirited cat. She didn't take any flack from the dogs and hilariously antagonized them on a regular basis. She was a master escape artist. I can't count the number of times we scavenged the neighborhood searching for her after she managed to sneak out the front door. And no matter which room of the house you were in or what you were doing, BB was always there. "Always about"- that's what we said about BB.

BB was a good cat and she had a good life. She will be missed.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

California Dreaming....

So this week I am having my longest experience as a "single mom". My Brit is out of town for work again. This time he's spending 6 days in California (where, I might add, the high for today was 70 degrees!!!). And while he's out there soaking up the sun, here's the view from our dining room window.

Snow. Again.

So while the winter weather rages outside, I'm hanging around inside with this guy.

And this other (much more personable) guy.

Our little Henry is now 15 weeks 1 day old. In just a little over 2 weeks he'll be four months old! Even though you know it's going to happen, it still is totally amazing to see how much more interactive he gets with each day. He'll play on his floor gym for ages now, kicking and twisting and playing with all the toys. I could have sworn he was going to roll over yesterday. What a little tease. He had the entire bottom half of his body rotated over, but just didn't follow through. I have a feeling it's going to happen soon! His favorite game right now is to lay on my legs, grasp a finger on each of my hands, and pull himself to a sitting position- with very little help from his Mama! My boy has got some muscles!! He's continuing to do better with his night time sleeping. Most nights he only wakes once to nurse. Morning times are our favorites. Henry wakes up all smiles and will chat up a storm! Bath time is still a favorite for all of us too. Are you tired of seeing pictures of baby Henry in the bath tub yet??

So we're just waiting. Waiting for warm weather (and doing indoor sunning in the meantime)...

And waiting for Daddy to get home. Because in case you haven't heard...

...Henry's Dad Rocks.