Monday, March 14, 2011

Why we miss Daddy...

This week is a long week. This week, Daddy is in Atlanta all week long for work. The house is more quiet than usual. There is still laughter but not nearly as much. And without our resident chef, my diet quickly regresses to what you would imagine a bachelor in his 20s would eat- cereal, frozen pizza, trail's shameful.

We miss Daddy when he's gone. A lot- and for many reasons...

Reason #1:
Being nestled up on Daddy's chest is amazing place to catch a nap when you're away from home.

Reason #2:
Daddy REALLY knows how to play with his favorite boy- and can make him laugh like no one else in the world can.

Reason #3:
Daddy really is our favorite person in the whole world. He's fun to hang out with, he takes care of us, and he's the heart & soul of our family.

We miss you. Hurry home.

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