Sunday, May 22, 2011


Warm weather has arrived again in our neck of the woods. Not quite warm enough yet for us to venture down to the pool at the clubhouse, but definitely warm enough for lots of walks outside. A couple of days were so sunny that Henry had to bring out his newest accessory.

Today after Henry woke up from his afternoon nap I was sitting in the rocker in his bedroom with him and he laid his sweet little head on my shoulder and just let me cuddle with him. It's such a wonderful feeling to hold him and just breathe in his sweet baby smell. I used to sit and snuggle with this boy for hours it seemed when he was a tiny newborn. It suddenly hit me how seldom I get to cuddle him anymore because this boy is on the MOVE. Or at least he's trying to be. Never still unless he's asleep- that's our Henry. Well that's not true- he's really not even still when he's sleeping. This week marked the retirement of bouncy seats in our house because in the midst of emptying the dishwasher I turned around to this sight.

He's also trying so hard to learn to crawl. He's not there yet- at least not in the right direction. He'll sit and make his way onto his hands and knees, and then usually proceeds to crawl backwards by pushing with his hands. I'm in no hurry for this boy to become mobile, and neither are the furry children who live in this house I'm sure.

Since we had to retire our kitchen bouncy seat we've transitioned to using the highchair. I actually think Henry likes it better. He can sit more on the level of the big people and supervise our activities. If you look really closely at this photo you can see Henry's two little teeth.

The sensation of having teeth in his mouth has Henry's full attention. Half of the time when you glance over at him now you see him doing this, trying to check out his newest additions with his little tongue.

Henry also continues to work his charms on the ladies. This week he cozied up to adorable Stratton after giving her a thorough once-over. She keeps him wonderfully entertained but when I ask her if he can spend the night at his house she gives me a resounding "NO!" because, as she says, "He poops in his pants and he might cry!". Smart girl.

So as you guys might have noticed, Will and I tend to take a LOT of pictures. Especially now that baby Henry has joined our family. We don't usually get into using props with our photography, but this week we were on a mission to fulfill a special request from my mom. Henry is the third grandchild, and both of his cousins, Ella Grace & Cohen, have had photos taken of them in an antique white metal washtub. I searched all over the internet and couldn't find a washtub like the one used in their photos. But Saturday, my mom showed up at my house, and guess what she'd run across at an auction the night before...

I think Henry was pretty clear on his thoughts about being paraded around the neighborhood in his diaper.

So that wraps it up for this week. It's been pretty low key and laid back here. But that's how we like it.

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