Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weighed and Measured, Poked and Prodded...

What a week for Henry! Turning 9 months old is definitely not for sissies. First he lost his wings and then before he could catch his breath he got carted off to the doctor's office for his nine month checkup.

Satisfactory cranial growth- check.

Tipping the scale at nearly 22 pounds- check.

And the boy wonder is now measuring at over 30 inches long. I knew there was a good reason I could barely shimmy him into his pajamas these days.

Dr. Meneely was running just a little behind schedule for our appointment that day. Keeping Henry the Roadrunner occupied in a 8x8 foot exam room for more than 15 minutes proved to be just a little bit challenging. Lucky for us there was another cute ginger in the mirror who was happy to keep Henry occupied during the wait. And again, in true Henry fashion, he tried to go in for a taste of that other baby before it was said and done.

A little hand clapping helped to pass the time as well.

In spite of the amazing entertainment, Henry was clear about his level of impatience. Or maybe he was just tired of having his photo taken. It's possible.

Every time we go for a well-baby visit the nurse goes through a check list with us, making sure that Henry has reached all the milestones appropriate for his age. Rather than wait for them to ask, Henry decided just to go ahead and demonstrate his advanced fine motor skills.

Dr. Meneely (after being well-impressed with Henry's finger up his nose) gave the boy a thorough once over and declared him to be a fine 9 month old specimen.

Good news for Henry- no shots! Bad news for Henry- incoming finger prick to check for anemia. I'm telling you've I've had many adult patients who weren't half as stoic as my Henry was during this! That's my boy!

Henry's next appointment was scheduled before we left the office- his one year visit! Unbelievable.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Henry loses his wings...

Well, they did look like wings. Sweet little wings made of ginger-hair.

We've tossed around the idea of a hair cut for a while now, but neither one of us was eager enough to call and make the appointment. I mean, getting a first haircut must mean your baby is growing up, right? How can Henry be getting this big this quickly? However, the apparent motivation came the other day when a kind stranger at Publix said "How cute! How old is she?". She? Yep, time for a trim.

One email later and 9-month-old Henry had an appointment with my wonderful hairdresser, Tiffany. Unaware of his upcoming fate, Henry was quite a cheerful little fellow when we got there.

He looked more than a little uncertain when he was draped in that nauseatingly cute hairdressing cape. His mother, on the other hands, might have looked just a BIT overexcited (hey, I was trying to sell the situation!).

In the midst of him being totally fascinated with the entire experience, Henry lost his wings, and never even flinched.

Always a hit with the ladies when at Mama's hairdressers, he got just a little attention.

And these sweet little red-haired wings are now all wrapped up and are with the many other Henry-treasures that are stored carefully away.

Monday, July 25, 2011

We now return you to our regular blogging schedule...

I can barely remember the nights when Henry was still a newbie, waking up every 2 or 3 hours. When I think back it still somewhat astonishes me how I (and every other mother) has the capacity to function on such interrupted sleep- but I think that's what mothers are programmed to be able to do, and so you do it. You stumble through the day in a zombie-like fashion taking care of the baby and doing what needs to be done. I'm amazed by moms who are able to do it with another two or three kids thrown into the mix. I can't even imagine.

This week, Henry has taken me back to those days. Our household has fallen under the spell of the notorious "9 Month Sleep Regression". Or the 9 month growth spurt. Or maybe a couple of new teeth making their way in. Who knows? Whatever it is, it's been doing a number on our sleeping pattern around here, so I've fallen a bit behind on our blog (and my beauty sleep).

The fact that all these "9 Month Ailments" are showing their faces can mean only one thing- my baby is 9 months old! Say what?!? According to my blog post from exactly one year ago today this was the most accurate depiction of baby Henry.

Fast forward to one year later and this is what you've got.

Just a little cuter than a cabbage if you ask me. And I've never seen a cabbage with legs this delicious.

While he hasn't been all that interested in sleeping normally, Henry has found fascination in multiple other things over the last couple of weeks:

Sunlight on floors

His unsuspecting cousin Cohen's spiky hair

His fellow ginger-haired friend, Jack

Doing his best Marilyn Monroe impression over the floor vents (look at that hair go!)

and, as always, completely fascinated by his wonderful Daddy (as am I).

Some things, like bath time, never lose his interest.

And when he does get bored with the things around the house, he just decides to take a look from a different perspective.

You've probably guessed by now that poor Henry barely has a day pass by that doesn't include him having his picture taken (several times). He does get a break every now and then- but that usually is because I'm busy chasing somebody else with the camera. Last week, for instance, my sister-in-law, Robyn, asked me to take some photos of my nephew, Cohen. Cohen just happened to be wearing an adorable little sailor suit (that just happened to belong to my brother nearly 30 years ago and also just happened to be handmade nearly 30 years ago by our Nanny). I think our updated version of Nick's old picture turned out pretty darn cute.

While I was taking photos of Cohen, his sister Ella Grace was faced with the task of keeping Henry entertained. She was a perfect fit for the job but quickly figured out that, true to his usual pattern, Henry will try to put anything in his mouth if it gets too close- even her!

This week a package arrived at our house from England. Will has been very much looking forward to this delivery. Now Henry has proper attire to be a miniature Manchester City Football fan. Don't think for a second that these two didn't get plenty of attention going out dressed like this yesterday.

I think that pretty well sums up the last couple of weeks for us! I'm looking forward to our next blog entry. Henry has a big week ahead!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tennessee Summers

I know I have blogged about the intensity of Tennessee summers before. You've heard it. You know how hot it can be. You know that I could rationally go outside and test the "frying an egg on the sidewalk" theory. So there's really no point in saying it again-

But man is it hot! So hot that the occasional breezes feel like they are coming right from the depths of an industrial strength hairdryer.

And although I truly did savor pregnancy, I am, however, thankful that during this blazing Tennessee summer I am not largely pregnant with my adorable little ginger like I was this time last year. This summer brings a completely new experience- carrying aforementioned nearly 22 pound ginger on my sweaty hip! And again, this is most sensible place we can figure to hang out. Henry has grown to be quite a fan.

He's also a fan of his pseudo-sister (aka the daughter of one of my best friends), Stratton, coming over for a swim. We love this girl.

Other than our four-times-a-day dog walks, the only time Henry and I have ventured outside for an extended period of time this week was when we had a little picnic excursion with Robyn, Ella Grace and Cohen. Since it had been raining we ended up having our picnic under the covered patio at our neighborhood clubhouse, but still, it's eating food outside, right? That counts as a picnic.

Henry always loves spending time with his two cousins. Always. They love him and he loves them right back. He fixates on them and I can't blame him. They are amazingly entertaining. We were at their house this week and the oldest two were watching an episode of He-Man (don't ask). Henry was not satisfied unless he was lingering at the edge of Cohen's chair. Eventually he gave in (as you can see in the last picture) and succumbed to watching a few minutes of watching Prince Adam in action.

Ella Grace (nearly 5) mothers him and always double checks to make sure that what he is playing with is safe, so that he doesn't "get choked in his throat". Even our rambunctious 2 1/2 year old, Cohen, who rarely stops to take a breath, clearly shows how much he digs this baby. Any time Henry approaches him Cohen stops whatever he is doing and looks at my boy and says "Hi Henry" (pronounced Hen-wy). Man, I love these two so much.

We had a discovery this week. Baby Henry is not afraid of large explosive displays. He demonstrated this when he elected not to cry at his first Hibachi experience (pictured with his unquestionably hip Uncle Mark).

He's also proving to be very brave in other areas. A couple of weeks ago I blogged about Henry learning to pull up. At first it was just in his crib. Now, it's everywhere. There are certain things that seem to motivate him to maneuver about more than others. Typical male already.

Henry is continuing to travel down the pathway of culinary expertise- at least as much as a 9 month old can. Partially because it's great to know all of the ingredients and partially because it makes me feel like a super-productive stay at home mom, I make all of Henry's babyfood at home. For the most part it is chunky pureed fruits and veggies, but I make a chicken/apple/sweet potato stew for him that he loves! I have found an amazing source of recipes on the Wholesome Baby Foods website. Henry seems to switch around on his favorite food of the week. This week it's pureed oven roasted apples and pears. I tasted it and I don't blame him.

Mealtime with Henry is fun. His messy peach face is the bomb. And the latest meal time game craze is to try to see how many puffs you can stuff in your mouth at once, and let me tell you, he's pretty good.

The added bonus to mealtime with Henry is that he really enjoys it- meaning that you get to experience the full spectrum of "Happy Henry Faces". His smiles make my day.

It's nearly 8 pm. I started editing photos and writing for this blog post at 9 am this morning. Eleven hours. That's a long time to compose a blog post. Here's my excuse (pictured while standing his adorable self beside my desk chair while I was at the computer).

Thanks for checking in with us!