Monday, July 25, 2011

We now return you to our regular blogging schedule...

I can barely remember the nights when Henry was still a newbie, waking up every 2 or 3 hours. When I think back it still somewhat astonishes me how I (and every other mother) has the capacity to function on such interrupted sleep- but I think that's what mothers are programmed to be able to do, and so you do it. You stumble through the day in a zombie-like fashion taking care of the baby and doing what needs to be done. I'm amazed by moms who are able to do it with another two or three kids thrown into the mix. I can't even imagine.

This week, Henry has taken me back to those days. Our household has fallen under the spell of the notorious "9 Month Sleep Regression". Or the 9 month growth spurt. Or maybe a couple of new teeth making their way in. Who knows? Whatever it is, it's been doing a number on our sleeping pattern around here, so I've fallen a bit behind on our blog (and my beauty sleep).

The fact that all these "9 Month Ailments" are showing their faces can mean only one thing- my baby is 9 months old! Say what?!? According to my blog post from exactly one year ago today this was the most accurate depiction of baby Henry.

Fast forward to one year later and this is what you've got.

Just a little cuter than a cabbage if you ask me. And I've never seen a cabbage with legs this delicious.

While he hasn't been all that interested in sleeping normally, Henry has found fascination in multiple other things over the last couple of weeks:

Sunlight on floors

His unsuspecting cousin Cohen's spiky hair

His fellow ginger-haired friend, Jack

Doing his best Marilyn Monroe impression over the floor vents (look at that hair go!)

and, as always, completely fascinated by his wonderful Daddy (as am I).

Some things, like bath time, never lose his interest.

And when he does get bored with the things around the house, he just decides to take a look from a different perspective.

You've probably guessed by now that poor Henry barely has a day pass by that doesn't include him having his picture taken (several times). He does get a break every now and then- but that usually is because I'm busy chasing somebody else with the camera. Last week, for instance, my sister-in-law, Robyn, asked me to take some photos of my nephew, Cohen. Cohen just happened to be wearing an adorable little sailor suit (that just happened to belong to my brother nearly 30 years ago and also just happened to be handmade nearly 30 years ago by our Nanny). I think our updated version of Nick's old picture turned out pretty darn cute.

While I was taking photos of Cohen, his sister Ella Grace was faced with the task of keeping Henry entertained. She was a perfect fit for the job but quickly figured out that, true to his usual pattern, Henry will try to put anything in his mouth if it gets too close- even her!

This week a package arrived at our house from England. Will has been very much looking forward to this delivery. Now Henry has proper attire to be a miniature Manchester City Football fan. Don't think for a second that these two didn't get plenty of attention going out dressed like this yesterday.

I think that pretty well sums up the last couple of weeks for us! I'm looking forward to our next blog entry. Henry has a big week ahead!


Unknown said...

Oh my : )
He is just precious. I LOVE his soccer outfit. And his hair. And his Marilyn Monroe pose.
Your nephew is just adorable!

Angela Zuill said...

Thank you!! These boys are something else :)