Monday, August 1, 2011

Making his Mama's Jaw Drop...

Over the course of his lifetime, I'm quite certain that Henry Zuill is going to make my jaw drop on multiple occasions. On Saturday morning he figured out one good way to accomplish this when he did this all by himself.

We had been out that morning doing photos with some friends. When we got done we spread out a quilt and were all hanging out in the shade to cool off. Henry was having a drink from my water bottle and was holding onto my arm with one hand. We've been noticing for a while now at home that when pulling up to a stand and holding onto things his two-handed death grip had turned to a one-handed death grip, and eventually to one hand casually propped onto whatever item he was standing next to.

No sooner did the words "He is getting so close to standing- I just know it!" come out of my mouth, the little dare devil let go. And stood there! I was so shocked that my friend Teri had to yell at me "Get the camera!". You know I never have to be prompted to grab the camera. My jaw was really hanging!

Way to go Henry! You're changing so fast!


Audrey Terry said...

Way to go Baby Henry, we will see you next weekend at Harper Elle's second birthday party, Red & Audrey

Angela Zuill said...

We can't wait until Harper's party! See you then!