Monday, September 19, 2011

The Mishaps of Monkey

Poor Monkey. He is a faithful companion. He lays beside Henry every night as he goes to sleep. He has been dragged about the house by both his arms and his legs for months. He's managed to avoid the wrath of Layla the Dog's razor sharp teeth. But Monkey's true test came this weekend, when he was chosen as Henry's companion on the maiden voyage via red wagon.

It all started out well.

Gradually we noticed Monkey being dangerously dangled closer and closer to the edge of the moving vehicle.

And then, the unavoidable fate of monkey began to take form again...

and again...

and again.

Unfortunately the offender did not show much remorse for his monkey-abuse related crimes.

He also declined to remain seated for the ride home.

So Monkey scored a ride home with someone a little more careful with his wellbeing.

Fall is finally in the air in Tennessee. I'm not usually a fall girl. Usually I'm the one dreading fall because I know that the harsh coldness of winter is not far behind it. But not this year. This year I've found myself sitting here anticipating crisp weather and candy corn mixed with peanuts. I think part of it is excitement about Henry's first birthday party next month. Whatever the cause, it has spilled over into all parts of our life. This might be evidenced by our formerly beige foyer that has been transformed into a proud display of pumpkin-spice walls.

And we have taken full advantage of playground equipment that won't scald the skin off of your legs.

We've had a full week this week. Will had another business trip to Atlanta and again he scored two tag-alongs. It might have had something to do with that store with the big blue and yellow sign out front. Luckily, my trip to Ikea with Henry this time went much better than it did last time. Turns out that a few snacks in a cup can go a long way. It also turns out that Ikea can flat wear a boy out.

Henry and I did a lot of walking and exploring while Daddy worked. And of course, there had to be some good food involved (that just happened to be served by men in full Brazilian gaucho attire).

Once we got home, Henry also had to squeeze in some time with the ladies-


and Harper.

We ended our week in our favorite way- with our family. A Saturday morning breakfast at Cracker Barrel and an impromptu trip with all kids in tow to Target is our idea of a good time. I seriously can't think of a better end to an amazing week.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Henry and his ladies...

Our little ginger has an undeniable way with the ladies. He can turn a grown woman into putty in his hands in about 3 seconds. I'm sure this happens with a LOT of babies, but you never really notice this phenomena until it's happening with your baby. Every day.

There's the nice lady we see a couple of times of week who works at Whole Foods behind the deli counter. Her eyes lock onto the red-headed baby who is swinging his chubby little legs at the front of the shopping cart coming her direction, and she exclaims "Henry!". It's awesome. Then he grins at her and gets an extra big sample of turkey.

Then there's his cousin, Ella Grace, who swoons over him every time we visit their house. And who also, by the way, is showing kindergartners everywhere how it's done and reads a mean version of her "A" book.

Henry hasn't always had this high of a success rate with members of the opposite sex. As an inexperienced 2 month old, he brought women to tears- and not tears of joy. This was most perfectly illustrated by Emerson on her first "date" with Henry in December of last year.

Second chances at relationships are rare, but lucky little Henry got another chance to win Emerson over last week while I had lunch with Emerson's mom, Meredith. To everyone's relief, this encounter went much better. And Emerson pulled out all the stops and impressed everybody with her standing skills!

Last week one of my friends brought her daughter, Lakelynn, to our neighborhood for some photos for her first birthday invitation. Henry lured her over to his stroller before it was said and done.

In true Tennessee weather fashion, last week the temperature went from 100 degrees and sunny to 60 degrees and rainy in a 48 hour period. After scavenging around to find some fall-ish clothes for us all to wear, we did the only things you can do in that sort of weather. We had a little in-home hibernation and had a little homemade chicken stew.

Oh, and put bowls on our heads.

We made a trip south to Pulaski last week as well- an early grandparents day visit. Henry got passed around like a box of popcorn at the movies, and loved every second of it.

Last Monday, on Labor Day, Henry showed us his best trick so far. He took 4 steps from my arms to his Daddy's arms! He's only done it one other time since then, but wow what a proud moment! I think our boy is about to take his mobility to a new level. Oh, and remember how I mentioned Henry won't sit down in the bathtub? Exhibits A & B.

I can only assume that taking those first steps and all that lady charming takes a lot out of a fellow, because man has Henry's appetite exploded in the last couple of weeks. Especially if you put a plate of spaghetti on the table. Then it's game on. I love this little face.