Monday, May 21, 2012

Down to the wire.

Has it really been nearly a month since my last blog post? My oh my. Not to make excuses (well, maybe a little) I have been knee deep in to-do lists around here. With preparation for the upcoming nuptials and getting the house ready for our British counterparts to come visit, I've been a busy busy girl. Throw Henry into the mix, and something had to give. Unfortunately blogging and my workout routine were the innocent victims.

But enough of the explanations, let's get down to business.

Although it's not officially summer here yet, you couldn't convince us of that by looking at the weather forecast. And Henry, just like his Daddy, loves the sweltering heat. Every time I turn around he's standing at the door saying "I outside?". Who are we to deny him (after slathering his paleness with 50spf of course)?

He loves his sprinkler. He loves the hose. He loves the pool. Basically, anything with "wada" (water) will do.

He also loves running into Harper- his sweet friend who lives a few doors down.

(Harper 'making' binoculars with her mom, Jess)

Henry and Harper are such sweet friends. She definitely is the kind of girl who shows him how things are done- aka, bosses him around from time to time. We joke that she's just training him for all the other women in his life. There's nothing like a childhood friendship. They talk and whisper and it's the sweetest thing.

And then, without missing a beat, Henry goes in for the kill. Eyes closed, mouth open. Henry Zuill! And the look on her sweet little face!

Henry had his 18 month doctor visit a few weeks ago. No shots this time (sigh of relief) and he got another clean bill of health. And kept himself and Dr. MeNeely entertained with his toddler antics.

You may have noticed we have a new blog header this week with this photo. Our big boy loves to sit in the regular chairs and I snapped this photo of him in the act. I think it may be my favorite yet.

A bit of short post tonight, but I have a gallon of paint and a roller in the upstairs guest bedroom that is calling my name. We'll go out with a little phone dump. I'll try to be a little more timely with the next post- but I'm not making any promises until the "I Do's" have been done! Have a great week!

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