Monday, June 25, 2012

British Invasion.

I'm telling you. Nothing will draw British family members across the North Atlantic Ocean like the promise of a good old Tennessee wedding.

But really now. We all know the wedding was not the main attraction for our beloved Brits. Clearly they came here for this:

For one glorious week our home was also home to some of Will's family. Since we hadn't seen them for about six months, we might have been looking forward to their arrival just a little. Admittedly, Will and I really enjoyed being Tennessee tour guides. This was one of the things on the list.

I mean, really. You can't come to Tennessee and not try to make it across the swinging bridge or through Fat Man's Squeeze, can you? Henry loved having free reign to explore the pathways.

But when it came to the swinging bridge, he admittedly wimped out just a little.

To his credit though, when we went through the part that creeps his Mama out, Henry was a cool as a cucumber. Freaky Fairlyland Caverns.

Within a few short hours of seeing him again, Henry soon appointed his new best friend. Uncle Andy.

I can honestly say that we have never enjoyed having house guests as much as we enjoyed having our Zuills over from England. And the best part of the week was yet to come...

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