Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Herding Henry.

I'm sure you've all heard the saying about "that was as hard as herding cats". There are lots of days when I feel like just about the only thing I really do is Herd Henry. He loves to run. "I wunnin! I fast!" he calls out to you as he leaves you eating his dust. That boy is on the go. And I'm beginning to suspect that my little jumping ginger might be at least one quarter kangaroo.

I really think he might be trying to initiate some kind of toddler Olympics, because after the running and the jumping became regular Henry events he decided to throw some "wimming" (swimming) into the mix.

And these days if he's not running, he's falling. On purpose. And only after you've been clearly instructed to "Watch, Mommy, watch!".

I can't believe our boy will be turning two in just a little over 2 months. There really isn't an experience on earth that can compare with watching a little human (that's half your DNA) grown and learn and turn into an actual little person. I'm loving it. We definitely have a little boy on our hands now (complete with own new rock collecting tendencies).

I've been trying to keep a list of things on my phone of what Henry is saying and doing these days. It's honestly the only way I can remember them all. And since I don't keep a typical baby book for Henry (we print off the blog in book form once a year) I really do try to remind myself to write on here about what it's like with Henry, how he's changing. It's blowing me away how well he's talking all of the sudden. Here are a few of the most common Henry-isms we hear around the Zuill house:

"I do dat."

"What doing, Mommy? What doing?"

"Soddy, _______, Soddy!" (soddy=sorry: fill the blank to fit whoever's foot Henry might have just run over in his CozyCoupe.)

"I dancin'! I singin'!"

"It's fast! Whoa, whoa, whoa!" (this was mostly in reference to the NYC subway- he loved it!)

When asked what he wants for breakfast he states "Chicken! Annnndddd....cookies!" (p.s. He doesn't even really love chicken. Crazy baby.)

"I wud ya!" (I love you). He can say the 3 words separately just fine but when he puts them together it's always "I wud ya". The best.

Wha numba this? (interpreted to mean: What number is this?) We work on alphabet flashcards- plus he loves Super Why- so he's focused on the alphabet. He says this any time he's sees numbers or letters.

"Daddy/Mommy, ere ah you? (where are you). I seeeeee you!"

He's is doing so well with his manners. It really made me proud today at Trader Joe's when the sweet cashier gave Henry some stickers and he said "Tank ya!" without being prompted. And he gets his pleases and welcomes in there too.

He's definitely growing up. And it's happening just as fast as everyone said it would.

He's even learning fast enough to know that beautiful Harper is really the one in charge of their relationship. Even when she piles beads around his neck and fancies him up with lipstick. But I guess he collected his reward in the end. Little Cassanova.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Zuills in New York- Part 2

So while I did take a lot of our New York photos with Instagram, you didn't really think we would just leave it at that, did you? Here are some of our favorites from the ones Will and I took with the regular camera.

Henry loved the helicopter ride- he didn't so much love the headphones they wanted him to wear. He might have left them on for 60 seconds. The views really were something to see.

These are more from our next stop of the trip. I know those poor gulls were so happy when bird chasing Henry left Liberty Island.

Central Park was, as you may have guessed, a great place to take photos. And to people watch. Or to take photos while you were people watching.

The ferris wheel inside the Times Square Toys R Us.

A few more from our trip up to the top of the Rockefeller Center.

There are so many wonderful places to eat in New York. Indulging is not really something you have to feel guilty about when you do as much walking as we found ourselves doing when touring NYC. Or in the case of the shortest member of the group, more hopping than walking.

Henry hopped his way right to Bryant Park for a little rest stop. His eye was immediately caught by a group of girls who were practicing their dance routine. There really wasn't a lot of doubt about what would happen after he saw them. Clearly he was obligated to join right in.

Good times. I'm betting that at some point we'll be back for a little more of what NYC has to offer!