Thursday, November 22, 2012


It always seems like the holiday season officially begins on Thanksgiving. A day full of good food and time with family, and stopping, for a minute, to really take a look at how fortunate most of us are in comparison to some.

Just looking through the photos for this blog entry reminds me that I truly have much to be thankful for. Like a sweet boy loving on his Nanny, or bedtime stories with a clean smelling baby.

(thanks to my friend Sarah Gilliam for the above photo)

Thankful for a little boy full of a rapidly growing imagination, who lines all his pals up to watch him eat his dinner, and for the sweet boy who sits down when we get home from the store and says "Doggies, I miss you!".

Thankful that there still are nice people in the world- like the guy at the pizza place who gave Henry a ball of pizza dough and tried to teach him how to toss it. And thankful that Henry shares my love of ice cream. I'm not so thankful, however, that he seems to have inherited my naughty gene as well.

We have an amazing group of family members and friends, and are lucky enough for all of our kids to create memories like these together.

One thing to be very thankful for this month in the Zuill household is how much interest our little guy has taken in this activity.

He's growing so fast, and getting sillier by the day.

Henry has been sick with an ear infection the last couple of days. Today he seemed just slightly perkier than yesterday. Today he was an artist and a pecan pie making assistant. I was so happy to see him feeling better.

Tomorrow my family comes to our home for our Thanksgiving dinner together. I look forward to this every year. I truly enjoy spending time with my family- and the sweet potato casserole. It's hard to believe it's already Thanksgiving! And before we know it, Christmas will be here. The Zuills got a little overeager and have already put up our decorations.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of delicious food and good company- and...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The good kind of busy.

My poor blog has been neglected. There has been so much fall activity going on all around, and we've been soaking it in and staying busy. The last month really has held some fun times for our little family.

Clearly, this was one of the highlights of October. The party was smaller this year than last year, but twice as much fun. Our family and closest friends, in our home, celebrating our boy. He kept a look of pure joy on his face for the majority of the night.

I made little goodie bags for Henry's guests, and one of the items in it was a flashing LED bracelet. I figured the kids would love them plus they were actually practical since Halloween was quickly approaching. About 10 minutes after they received the bags, Henry's room looked like he had a full fledged rave going on in there.

The next day we took Henry to Gentry Farms. They have an amazing setup there, especially for the kids. Corn troughs, mazes, tire swings, hay rides--good stuff! And Henry seemed to think so too!

We played until we heard them announce overhead that closing time was in fifteen minutes. We quickly headed towards the huge boxes of pumpkins. And after picking out and paying for his pumpkin, Henry held his trophy the whole way home.

Also, one weekend in October I met up with my friends Karen and Sarah for a 5k in Nashville.

But this race was a departure from the run of the mill 5k. If you've never done this, and you get the chance to- do it. It is an amazing amount of fun. The Color Run.

Henry enjoyed watching the race but was a little distracted by phone calls and his two best buddies.

So that's just a little of what we've been into lately. The good kind of busy. Thanks for coming by!