Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Nanny.

Just a little over a week from the time I posted one of the sweetest photos I've ever taken, something happened.

Our family lost my grandmother. And while I know what I'm writing now is not the typical upbeat material you usually see here- years from now, when Henry is (hopefully) reading through the Our Cheeky Life blog books, he'll read this and it will help him to know his Nanny through my memories.

We always lived just down the road from my Nanny. As kids my brother and I would ride our bicycles from our house down the dusty dirt road past the barn and to our Nanny's house. We were always welcome there. Always.

She always had cold Coca-Colas on the back porch of her house. And a big stash of Little Debbie swiss cake rolls in a green tupperware container. She let us play with playdough (much to my Mom's delight- it meant it wasn't all over her house). Nanny's house had the most awesome banister to slide down. Her house was always where we went for every Thanksgiving and Christmas. Nanny's hair was always perfect and she was always dressed to impress.

I've learned a lot more about my Nanny over the last week. Although I've discovered that she didn't have an easy life as a child, there's no doubt that she certainly grew into a highly respected woman. She helped to raise a good family (and raised an amazing mother for me). She worked hard. And she was well loved. And man, wasn't she beautiful?


holly said...

sorry about your nanny :( I miss my maw maw so much, but they are in a better place!

Unknown said...

Sorry for your loss... I know how hard it is to loose our dear grandma's.