Monday, January 21, 2013

One man show.

Will has been traveling a lot more than usual this month. We got particularly spoiled over the holiday break- all three of us spending all day, every day, just hanging out. But for the last couple of weeks it's mostly been just Henry and me.

I'm the first to admit that it's much more boring around here while the Brit is away. However, Will's little mini-me has been a good stand in. Hardly a dull moment. If I can't think of anything for us to do indoors, he certainly can.

He was particularly adorable today. We both had one of those 'wear pajamas most of the day' days (even while we exercised and cleaned house), and I always think he looks especially cute while padding around in his pajamas with a head full of bed head.

And as always, his patience wore thin with me after a while.

He has started doing this thing lately where he puts himself on the opposite side of the door as us, and pokes his fingers (or various toys) underneath the door- he thinks its hilarious.

We've been pretty lucky with Henry's morning routine recently. He's been sleeping until 7 or so, wakes up as happy as can be, and crawls into bed with us to watch a little Amazing Spiderman (circa 1990s).

The funny thing is, that when he wakes up he does not get up out of his toddler bed until one of us comes into his room and tells him to "come on". So strange- but we have really been happy about him doing this, so that we didn't have to wonder what he was getting into without us knowing. But this week {caught after today's nap}.

And he wasn't particularly happy after today's nap either. But, as it turns out, he was easily cheered by jumping on the couch while I was getting him something to drink.

We've spent some time with some of our favorite friends this week. Jack and Henry made a little music.

{photos by Sarah B Gilliam Photography}

And Jack and Henry's moms played in the basement darkroom. What fun!

So we begin another week, and Will is traveling again for a couple of days. We miss him and anticipate him coming home the entire time he's gone- but we're keeping each other good company in the mean time. Have an amazing week!

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