Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Second family.

Seven years ago when I graduated from Nurse Practitioner school I already knew where I wanted to work. I had already done two semesters of clinicals there during graduate school. This office was what I pictured as the perfect learning environment for a new graduate. Knowledgeable doctors who were so willing to teach and a (fiesty) nursing and auxiliary staff who knew how to take care of their patients and keep things running smoothly.

I was thrilled to get an interview for a nurse practitioner position they had available. This was where I wanted to be.

I got the job. And for 3 years of my career I have been blessed to work in such an amazing place with equally amazing people. People who have become family.

Recently, however, our 'home away from home' underwent some major realignment- leaving some without jobs and the rest separated into two different locations. It has been difficult (to put it mildly) for everyone. I have decided to take a little time off to make a clear decision about what is that best pathway for me next. But I have truly felt like I have been separated from part of my family.

Just after Christmas our entire group got together for our "Last Hoorah". There was eating, laughing, talking and hugging. And there may have been more than a few tears. Never again will such an amazing group of people be under one roof. I am so thankful to have been a part of this group and for all that I've learned from these wonderful people.

{some favorite photos from the night}

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