Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter lull.

There always seems to be a big lull between Christmas and the first of Spring. January and February are generally gray and wet. They drag on forever while you are waiting for the first signs of leaf buds on the trees or the first yellow buttercup. I always feel a bit of cabin fever in the winter. Strangely, that hasn't been the case this year. It's fascinating to watch a toddler grow.

Winter weather has given Henry a lot of time to explore some of his favorite Christmas presents. He even got a couple of days of outdoor exploration.

If you saw the photo directly above this paragraph then you also saw Henry's absolute favorite part of his tricycle- the fact that it has a little "trunk". He packs that thing full of an unpredictable array of items, but top of the list is definitely rocks. Talk about the typical two year old boy.

Henry also got another gift recently- but not because it was his birthday, or Christmas, or any other official holiday. But this little guy has been so good doing this-

-that we let him pick out a prize. Hexbugs it was (and highly recommended if you have a toddler you'd like to keep fascinated and entertained for a while).

I've been at home for the last three weeks in a row. No work- just focusing on my boys, our home, and my photography. Amazing. Being with Henry and Will all day, every day, makes me realize just how much of them I probably was missing before. There is never a day where I don't look forward to my days with Henry. Are there days I want to lock him in his room by lunch time? Clearly. But the rest of the time, I am like a scientist observing the best experiment ever, and finding my way with this little person.

A few things he's focusing on these days- Superheroes (his mom and dad may or may not have encouraged this.)

City ball. Will is a huge Manchester City fan. So does our son call a soccer ball a soccer ball? Or even a 'football' (UK style)? No- "city ball" it is.

Sometimes there's a little untraditional city ball usage.

Something broken around the house? Or do you need a sous chef? No worries.

Lately they've been few and far between, but we did manage to squeeze in one or two park days. His affection hasn't faded.

And since it's been cold, rainy and essentially miserable outside in middle Tennessee over the last week, we've been happy to entertain ourselves indoors. Even with toy baths at two in the afternoon.

Last weekend my entire (small) family got together to celebrate my mom's birthday. The big 6-0 for her! Tacos and caramel cake- sounds like a strange combination, but man was it good. And as always, there was free entertainment.

I've been doing a 365 photography project since January 1st. One photo a day, every day. Some days it's hard to remember, or come up with something new. But some days it really helps me to catch moments like this. And I'm certainly soaking these moments up.

We hope you're staying warm during your January! Thanks for taking the time to check up on what we've been up to!

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