Thursday, February 14, 2013

Crazy little thing called love.

Valentine's Day. It has been accused of being a fairly overinflated holiday, created only to make money for companies like Hallmark. That in all likelihood is probably true, but if it gets chocolates for the girls, who can argue with that? Henry didn't get chocolate but he was very excited about getting some special mail just for him yesterday.

Henry's card from his Gaga and Pappy was great and all, but if you're really, really lucky- you might get a card like the one I got. A Will Zuill trademark move- how could I not love this man?

Having experienced my share of not-so-rosy relationships in my lifetime, I really am thankful for my Brit. We shop together. We cook together. We parent together. He honestly is the best thing that has ever come into my life.

I'm not the only one who is fond of him.

Henry loves his Daddy so much. I'm really not even sure if love is a strong enough word. Watching them play is amazing. Henry is loving hide and go seek these days. Although his "hiding" skills could certainly use a little polishing.

There's really only one other guy who even come close to making Henry laugh as much as his Daddy. When Cohen is around, fun is bound to ensue. And those boys sure can get some air.

Henry has been busy (and keeping me busy) as usual lately. Don't get me wrong, he's always been fun. But in the last month or so, he has been a blast to hang out with. A tiny walking entertainment machine. Every day something new comes out of his mouth (and sometimes we have to turn away to hide our inappropriate laughter). Just a few phrases that we hear on a regular basis:

-"I got a super duper good idea!" (thanks to PBS's 'Super Why'). His super duper good idea, when asked what it is, is generally something like "Apples!" or "Chocolate Pudding!".

-"I wuv you more than chocolate pudding!"- (chocolate pudding ranks pretty high with Henry- see above, 'super duper good idea')

-"I not don't know." or "I forgot". Hmmmm.

-When walking through any store with me, he'll point at items and say "Dis say 30 dollars."- not entirely sure where this came from.

-He loves "mash-a-tables" (mashed potatoes) and "Mr. Table Head" (Mr. Potato Head). Clearly the rest of us are pronouncing potato wrong.

-He has become a regular songbird. At naptime or bedtime, while he's trying to fall asleep, or spontaneously during dinner, you might hear his rendition of "Tinkle, tinkle little 'Tar" or "The Itsy Bitsy 'Pider". I really do love his little songs.

He loves shadows. Outside or even inside. ("Hi shadow!")

He loves to stack. Even better if he can get his hands on a pile of coffee creamers.

He loves (and I mean loves) his "YaYa" (Layla). And she loves him more than I ever thought she would- and I am so thankful for that.

Recently he has loved talking on the telephone. He "talks" to his Gaga, his Pappy, Uncle Andy, Auntie Cheryl, Auntie Lizzie- this list could go on.

There are a couple of "Henry likes" that his Mama may be encouraging just a little. Like his slight superhero fascination. I really can't help it.

And of course, I'm clearly going to encourage his use of this.

Here are a few of the photos we've seen come from behind Henry's lens.

No too bad, eh?

We have had a great Valentine's Day here, full of love. We hope you have too!


aimee jones said...

Love Henry's pictures! (yours too, of course)

Unknown said...

Thank you Aimee! It's so funny to see what comes out of that little camera!