Friday, March 22, 2013


Every year around this time my blog posts always proclaim "Spring, it's here! It's finally Spring!".

Well, while it is officially Spring, you wouldn't immediately know it by walking outside today. Brrrrr! The good thing about March in Tennessee is that even when it gives you your fair share of days best spent cuddling on the couch with popcorn and watching "How to Train Your Dragon"-

-it also mercifully gives you days where it seems only natural to eat ice cream with cousins and play outside for hours.

{"who wants ice cream?"}

{it was nice having some help wiping dirty mouths in the back seat!}

Don't worry. They all ran off the calories from their frozen yogurt.

We weren't the only ones who wanted to get out and enjoy the warm sunshine on those days. A certain escapee took a little field trip. Much to his dismay he was located by the master cat-catcher!

I really couldn't blame Gus for wanting to join us outside. The first warm days of the year are good for the soul.

As is planning and preparing for our little garden.

Almost every morning Henry and I go upstairs to "do our exercises" {aka Jillian Michaels torture videos}. Involving Henry has definitely made me more accountable. It's hard to find a good enough excuse not to do it when a little voice is asking "We do our exercises now?". Check out his moves. And his workout attire.

Our less-than-Springy days have been spent in the usual fashion.

{he was seriously giving Hulk a talking-to about hitting Spiderman, while Bagpuss watched}

After Henry wakes up from his nap today he and I will be taking a little drive down to Pulaski. He is getting more and more excited as the day goes on that tonight he will be sleeping at Gaga and Pappy's house. And I'm getting more and more excited about the surprise date I'm taking my Brit on tonight! We have a great weekend ahead and hope you do as well!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Georgia on my mind.

The countdown began early last week. Five days, then four, three, two, one. Girls' weekend!

One of my favorite friends, Jen, and I headed off for a couple of days in Atlanta. And as much as we both adore our husbands and kids I think we were both ready for a little break and some true leisure time. Although I'm not sure if you can call 5 hours of walking in a weekend Ikea crowd "leisurely". We were women on a mission.

A couple of hours in, we took a short intermission. And considering all the recent media coverage regarding a popular item on the Ikea menu, I felt like I was a particularly adventurous eater!

Fueled up, we hit the store for a few more hours and then went to the hotel to collapse for an hour or so before heading out for dinner. Our Atlanta food itenerary was carefully developed, mind you. We pretty much scoured Yelp to figure out exactly where we would be eating dinner that night and brunch the next day. It's so much fun to try new restaurants, and I'm sure I'm about to get carried away talking about what we ate. Murphy's was our pick for dinner. As you can tell, I hated my meal.

Dessert was terrible too. And Jen, the most patient woman on Earth (at least for that very moment) waited for me to finish taking a photo before she ate that delicious Pie in a Jar.

My dessert wasn't too shabby either. A trio of mini bonzo, mini tollhouse pie, and vanilla bean panna cotta. Heaven on a plate.

We managed to roll our full little selves back to the hotel room pretty early to get some of what seemed like the most peaceful sleep ever {for me at least}. It was so strange to wake up on Sunday truly of my body's own accord. I woke up feeling very rested and very anxious for brunch. Jen and I were both pretty excited (after reading glowing reviews on Yelp) about our reservation at Local Three Kitchen & Bar. I think the minute we walked in and were greeted by this guy hanging in the entrance, we knew we'd chosen wisely.

There have only been two meals in my life that have literally blown me away in their entirety, from beginning to end. One was eaten after a wonderful but exhausting day of walking around in London with my sweet Brit. We went to Chinatown and were soon tucked away in a most authentic restaurant, drinking ice cold Kirin and eating seaweed salad and Chinese Crispy Duck. The best meal I'd ever had. The second time I experienced a meal of that caliber was this past Sunday. Local three not only serves some of the most delicious food I've ever eaten, but they gave you a true experience with it. They set up their brunch buffet in their kitchen. Although it seems hard to refer to it as a buffet. It truly felt more like a tour of a very exclusive area, with amazing things appearing on your plate along the way.

I headed out of the kitchen with this plate of deliciousness. I felt like I was being judged by little eyes!

I felt a tiny bit greedy (but not too ashamed apparently) when I finished and then headed back in to grab a few more things to taste. I was just following instructions.

With things like custard french toast with white chocolate and macerated strawberries, short rib mac 'n cheese, biscuits with duck confit gravy, and shrimp and grits (with roasted parsnip, kale and tomato butter) to choose from I just couldn't resist. Round 2 (not quite as big but every bit as delicious).

That was seriously one of the best meals ever, and such a good finish to a great girls' weekend! I think we were both sad when it was over, but we were both ready to get home. Coming home is always good.

I came home to find a nice surprise in our bathroom. We recently had to tear out the shower because it was causing a huge leak. The final step with finishing the new one was waiting for the door installation, and it was finished! And someone grew quite fond of the new shower in the first 24 hours after it's completion. He would stay in there all day.

And even though I know he had a blast with his Daddy this weekend, I think he was glad to see his Mommy come back home.

And she was glad to be home. But what a good weekend!