Monday, April 8, 2013

Good day sunshine!

Well, we wanted Spring and we finally got it! Sunshine and 70 degrees. It makes my heart sing! We've spent hours and hours outside (even had to pull out the sunblock!). The downside is that all the amazing weather makes me want to be anywhere but inside on the computer. So I need to do a little catching up-

Even though we've had the feeling that warmer days were drawing near, we still had a few days of unseasonably cold weather to contend with. I think we contended quite well.

{that sweet stool that Henry loves was mine when I was his age}

A couple of weekends ago our family came over for a dinner to celebrate the March babies in our family. As usual it was a wonderful whirlwind of activity. Some got more attention than others from the self-proclaimed doctors of the house.

Our house has been part of a major business development lately. Henry's Farm Store. Where everything costs $30.

But that's not the only food he's peddling these days.

Henry had his very first trip to the dentist a couple of weeks ago. I felt like he had finally reached the point where I could explain to him what was going to happen and he wouldn't freak out. He was a champ. Jumped up in the chair and before Sandy (his sweet hygienist) could even get her gloves all the way on that mouth was wide open.

The Super Henry cape has made a worthy reappearance on Henry's favorites list. Can't say that I hate that this is happening.

Since the weather has gotten itself straightened out, the park has definitely become a prime destination for certain redheads. He runs and runs and then usually finds a friendly girl and has a little visit. Or tries to steal her apple.

We've also been spending a little time outside playing with Henry's "city ball" (and taking pretend naps on it).

Last Sunday we decided to go to downtown Franklin for lunch. The streets were filled with people who have had more than their fill of being cooped up inside. We were right there with them.

Lest you think our adorable Henry gets all the attention around here, this equally adorable guy has gotten some attention as well.

A couple of weekends ago I took my Brit out on a surprise date. He had no idea where we were going, just that he needed to be ready at 5:30 p.m. First I drove him to Printer's Alley where we had some strangely familiar foods.

After that came the highlight of Will's night. His 40th birthday (and our first anniversary) aren't until June, but he got his gift very early (because I really wanted his input in planning it). Of course, being the cheeky type, I couldn't just tell him about his birthday/anniversary surprise. I made him a book (complete with cheesy illustrations that even Henry wouldn't claim).

"The Story of Will and His Trip Over the Hill" by Angela Zuill

Poor Will. Poor Will.
His time had come to go over the hill.

He wasn't sure about getting old.
I'm pretty sure he wasn't sold.

But Will has a most awesome wife,
who really thought it might be nice,

To take him somewhere on a trip
to bring a smile to both his lips.

She tried to decide where they should go,
to keep her love from feeling old.

And because she has so much love for you
she's decided to take you to Peru!

Machu Picchu has been one of the most talked about things on Will's bucket list ever since I've know him. I can't wait for us to have this adventure together. He was so excited!

His night, however, quickly went downhill at the bowling alley.

There now, all caught up! Well, except for the past weekend. Will's favorite holiday- Mule Day. I have to save of the good stuff for next time, don't I?

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