Monday, May 20, 2013

Moving on.

I really do try to be pretty optimistic for the most part. But there are certain things in life that just, by nature, bring out my inner pessimist. Like taking my car in to the shop to see what that pesky "check engine" light is all about. Or, the most prominent example as of late, putting our house on the market. My last house took eighteen months on the market to sell. I was never so glad to be done with something.

So when we put our house on the market last month I went into it with a not-faint-enough memory of last time and a little bit of dread just washed over me. We had about ten showings in the first 2 weeks but no offers. The most common negative feedback was in reference to the small (almost nonexistent) yard- which is totally understandable to us because that is exactly the reason we want to move.

But then during the first week of May we had an impromptu showing to a couple from California who had traveled in-state to look at several properties. They came back to look again the next day. And by that night we had an offer, a counter-offer and an acceptance. The inspection is all done and we're moving!

So while we did spend a few hours this weekend doing some of this-

-it seemed that we spent far too much time doing this.

{I asked him to lay across the boxes and look exhausted. I don't think he really had to do much acting. Whew}

We're going to be renting a cute house not too far away while we spend some time looking for a little piece of land to call our own. The thought of having to move twice is a little overwhelming, but I think in the long run it will be well worth it.

I feel like poor Henry has been a big neglected since we accepted the offer on our house. He does like to help (?) me pack, but I know he is so bored some days. We do try to take breaks now and then in order to stave off the insanity.

{He is SO proud that he can pedal by himself}

While I honestly love being around this little creation of ours the vast majority of the time-

{he caught his first ever fish at Gaga and Pappy's pond!}

-he has really been testing, testing, testing lately. Whining mixed with pushing boundaries mixed with a big dose of stubborn. And a lot of time outs. Have mercy.

Luckily he is cute and his good far outweighs his current toddler disposition. So we will persevere. And we will pack, box after box, to get ready to start this next chapter! We'll check in soon!


Unknown said...

So cute! I'm so reading all your blogs, lol. You have came to be one of my favorite people.

Unknown said...

awww, thanks Shanda!! :) xoxo!