Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September happenings.

Our warm summer days are starting to trickle away here, I'm afraid. Some mornings you step outside and catch a hint of crispness in the air. Soon we'll be shopping for Halloween costumes and with any luck we'll see the beginning of our new house taking shape! After three long months of waiting for soil testing and land platting to be finished, we finally closed on our land! This pretty much illustrates our feelings on the subject.

While I'm pretty sure Fall has some amazing things in store for us the end of summer always causes just a little pout to cross my Brit's lips. He annually mourns the time of year when he has to tuck away his shorts and pull out long sleeves. He's a summer boy at heart. Emphasis on the "boy at heart" bit. How could I not love this man?

For the record, he did let the younger boy have a turn next.

Knowing that our warm days are numbered really entices us to try to squeeze out the last of summer's goodness. Henry's favorite is when his two constantly-talked-about cousins are involved in our outdoor shenanigans. Especially when he's able sucker cousin #1 into giving him a lift to the park.

Our agenda of late has also been filled with things like impromptu park picnics-

and girl chasing- (really, Henry)

We also snagged a pair of cool new school shoes for little feet. I really can't think of anything much cuter than a little guy in Converse. Especially while he eats what he refers to "an ice cream snow cone".

Even though we have spent a big part of our free time outdoors there have been some days at home. Unfortunately for my two boys, a couple of them were sick days. Lots of resting and therapeutic movie watching were had by all. This one is especially pitiful when he's sick.

We've also been doing a little makeshift tent building.

And topped it off with a little late night movie watching with friends. Henry didn't watch a lot of the movie, however. Apparently Aladdin borderlines on terrifying to a three year old. But they were cute while it lasted.

Last year I bought Henry a little wooden train set for $10 at Ikea. He played with it only a little bit. Until recently. Now you can't walk through the house without having to step over an ultra long train track set up by the resident train constructor. I'm pretty sure a lot of little guys go through this phase and it's pretty darn cute to watch. So cute that we poked around on Craigslist and found a great deal on a train table. I think is going to keep a position on the favorite toy list for a while.

Henry also had another train surprise recently. Will got online and bought tickets and on the appointed Sunday we got up, had breakfast and headed out. Henry only knew that we were going on a "special trip". He couldn't believe his eyes when we finally arrived and he got to ride on, what is in his opinion, the most amazing train ever in existence.

Will and I both agree that we love watching Henry as a (nearly) three year old. He is so curious and so amazed by things we overlook on a regular basis. You really never know what might come out of his mouth. Some recent Henry'isms:

-"You're making me nervous!" (as I'm driving him to school). Really? I asked "What does nervous mean, Henry?", to which he replied "I not don't know."

-"Oh Golly Gosh!". He says he learned this from his (adorable) friend Jonathan at school. It makes me laugh every time.

-"You're curiousing me out!". We've deducted that curiousing=stressing. So we make him nervous and stress him out. Poor kid.

-When he's ready to start something or go somewhere he'll sometimes pop out with "Let's Rock and Roll!".

-All too often lately he's been lodging this complaint with household management- "No fair!". It's a hard life to be 3 in this house, apparently.

-This one is the best. Lately Henry will say, out of the blue, "You know what Mommy/Daddy. I wuv you." Heart. Melting. He's such a loving little guy (when we aren't stressing him out and making him nervous).

Thanks for looking in to see what we've been up to. Hopefully we'll have house news to post soon!!

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