Monday, March 31, 2014

Recent whereabouts.

Tennessee has one foot in the door of Spring and is about to put the second through as well. The days are growing warmer and longer. The afternoon streets are full of sweaty red-faced kids who have to be dragged in by their mothers for dinners and baths. It is a long awaited sight.

And although we did have a day last week that looked like this-

-for the most part it has been nearly impossible to stay inside lately with Spring beckoning outside. Frequent visits to the park are good for both Henry and for me. He loves to swing and loves to climb. He makes the ER nurse in me sometimes wince at his fearlessness. One of Henry's favorite park visits lately was to meet up with his best friend, Jonathan. Watching these two play together is fascinating.

Days with our family at my Mom & Dad's house are even better when the weather starts to warm up. The kids all adore being at their Gaga & Pappy's house. They ride bicycles (Ella Grace's first time!) and run themselves silly.

A couple of weeks ago Will and I took Henry to see a very special performance by a familiar looking pirate.

Ella Grace had a captive audience, and it was so sweet when she got flowers from her Daddy after she was done.

Henry's other cousin spent a couple of days with us last week. He and Henry get along so well (for the most part) now. We love having Cohen here.

While Cohen was with us we took a trip up to the Nashville Zoo- along with one trillion other people from the Nashville area. Even with the crowds, we had a great day. The boys loved the Dinosaur exhibit. Well, except for that T Rex at the end. Henry was not a fan.

Over the last couple of weeks Henry has discovered another place he loves to visit. The library.

I was so proud of him (and a little shocked!) when we worked on his writing at the library last week!

Did I mention that the outfits around here get pretty interesting some days?

One of the most exciting things for us lately has been watching the our home start to take shape. Our framing will hopefully be done in the next week or so! We are actually starting to pick things out for the inside of the house now!

Thanks for seeing what we've been up to and hopefully Spring has sprung for you too!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

In like a lion.

It's finally March. My favorite month. My birthday month! This has pretty much been the scene of our first few days of my beloved month.

Seriously? My friend Sarah reminded me that March is "In like a lion, out like a lamb.". And looking back, it almost always is. After the long and very cold winter we've had March can't show up with more "lamb-like" days quick enough! Cabin fever is causing things to get crazy up in this house!

When the weather is all cold and nasty it is sometimes so hard to resist the temptation to let Henry watch "Spiderman & his Amazing Friends" until his eyes start to cross- but we don't. Or we don't usually- I mean, sometimes moms need a dose of Firestar & Iceman too! In order to try to avoid too much TV we have really tried to follow the lead of the amazing folks at Henry's school. We have come up with all kinds of "work" for Henry to do at home- and he beams with pride at what he can accomplish. He walked in Will's office this week and said "Hi, I'm here to clean your windows!" and went right to work.

He really is such a little boy these days. He always wants to take his "magazines" in the car (and you can certainly tell by his selection that he is a true Zuill). Last week at the grocery store I decided to use the kid-size grocery carts to assess his dexterity and attention span for improvement. I think the last time I let him behind one of these was about 9 months ago after he nearly took my ankle out at Trader Joe's. Last week he drove that thing like a champ. He is getting so big!

Oh, and did I mention that he is only intermittently wearing a shirt at night? What is happening?

The new development of the shirtless sleeping habit might be somehow related to this little cutie- my now FIVE year old nephew!

Cohen's party this year was at a local gymnastics place. The little kids had a great time and the some of the big kids acted like little kids (which is the absolute best to witness!).

Birthday parties here always end in the most amazing way ever. Ella Grace got to do this when she had her birthday party here a couple of years ago and finally Cohen got his turn. I really want a turn too. Wonder if they've ever had a 36 year old have a birthday party there??

Can you pick out the only crying child in the group picture? He didn't like where he had to sit. Toddler drama.

Even thought it's still been quite cold lately, we have had a few beautiful spring-ish days here and there. It brings people out of hibernation. Mom and I ventured out for some antique shopping and basked in both the weather and our time together.

We have had days that were warm enough for more stick throwing (a favorite past time now) and to go out and see the progress on Casa Zuill! Will was quite pleased to be able to send Henry "to his room".

Mr. Zuill and I have been venturing out for a few date nights lately too! First up was our belated Valentines dinner/my early birthday present- a reservation for dinner at The Catbird Seat. What a cool dining experience! It's one of those things we'll probably only do once but I'm so glad we did!

Even more fun was the night we spent hanging out with this crew to celebrate Karen's birthday-

All of the Zuills have hung out with some pretty cool birds lately. I still can't believe I held a penguin!

It's not all penguin cuddling around here though. Sometimes we just stick to what we know- Sweet Cece's, followed up by a little shut-eye. It's a good combination.

So glad you stopped by to see what we've been up to, and happy March!