Wednesday, May 14, 2014

being Henry's mother.

On Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day by relaxing with some of our very favorite people. The moms sat and chatted while the dads were in charge of making dinner. The kids played to their hearts' content. The month of May is blissful.

"Henry's Mom" is one of the coolest titles I've ever earned. I do so love being mom to this kid. He frustrates me to no end and cracks me up hysterically. Some of the things that have come out of his mouth:

- "Does my face WOOK sad?" (when asked if he was sad about missing school due to illness)
- He's more into legos than TV these days, but asks to watch "Dangle Tiger" (Daniel Tiger) sometimes. We don't dare correct him for fear he'll stop.
- excitedly runs up to me while playing outside- a kid has given him a piece of candy! Racky Tacky! (Laffy Taffy)
- when asked to clean up his toys says "I just want to selax (relax) a minute."
- everything is either "Disgusting!" or "DE-wis-cious!". There is no gray area.

I have no doubt that this summer is going to be the most fun yet as a parent. Multiple times every day Henry asks to go outside. With visions in our heads of a happy tired child who asks to go to bed early, we are happy to oblige him! We play ball, blow bubbles and have nearly gone through our 2nd box of sidewalk chalk.

We have also taken some long awaited Spring outings! At the top of the list? Our first 2014 visit to the Farmer's Market. Henry has been looking for it to be open every day on the way to and from school for the last 3 weeks. I think Bradley's Curbside Creamery might have stolen the show for him.

A trip to see Ms Martha and Mr Jackie at Wagner Berry Farm was up next on our list. Henry and I were so happy to find out that the first of their strawberries were ready! We adore this place.

For Henry, any outside activity is better with a dose of Cohen thrown in.

Speaking of Cohen, last night the Zuill family was part of a very proud audience. I've decided that tiny graduates are pretty much cuter than kittens.

May has also brought some noticeable progress on our new home- windows are in and plumbing and electric are nearly completed. And we have brick now! They were about halfway done bricking when we visited today! We got to see the log that Patrick will be making our mantel from and our fantastic architect Joshua Wright did a site visit last week! I think we're all pretty pleased! We just can't wait to get out there!

{thanks for those last images Shea!}

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