Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Prime Santa time.

Last year I remember thinking that we were entering prime Santa time. Henry was finally really getting into everything about Christmas. And it was so much fun to watch. I'm betting all parents bask in that first Christmas where they watch their child being amazed and full of anticipation. This year you could almost feel the Christmas energy coursing from Henry's body as he was tempted from his morning bed far too early by thoughts of finding "Shelf the Elf". Or by thoughts of opening the next door on his Lego Advent calendar. He got to see Santa again this year and he was totally starstruck. Mandy Johnson did such a beautiful job capturing their visit.

Henry was truly taken with Santa this year and took the whole business very seriously. On Christmas Eve we were at a holiday party in our old neighborhood, when at 7pm we found ourselves being practically pushed out the door by Henry, who had to get home so he could hurry and get to bed. Not to mention that he and his Daddy had things to get done before bedtime.

My Brit truly enjoys building the suspense and magic of Christmas with Henry- especially the night before Christmas. Christmas Eve is when Mr. Zuill truly shines. Together they carefully prepare snacks and beverages for the upcoming guests.

Then they move onto what they refer to as "practicing".

Will: Henry, go lay down, we're going to practice
{Henry goes into bedroom, turns off light and gets in bed}
Will {opens door}: Henry, he's been! Santa's been! Let's go see!"
{Henry tears off down hall like his pants are on fire, followed by his father, to see if anything is under the tree}

Man I love them.

Christmas morning didn't disappoint-

After a cup of coffee and a nice shower we load up and head over to my brother's house. You better believe I wear stretchy pants to this shin-dig. A big country breakfast followed by lots of excited kids. I love time with these guys so much and Christmas just takes it up a notch doesn't it?

Now the season is over and it's time for us to settle into the long part of the winter (which, even in Tennessee, feels pretty darn cold) and get back to our post-holiday routines of work and school. This always feels like the longest part of the year for me. So we're planning. We've planted fruit trees and ordered all the seeds for our spring garden. And although winter keeps us indoors more than we'd like, it's been such a wonderful time for building our first fireplace fires and for visiting with each other and with friends! Stay warm until next time!

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