Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer pickings.

We are just about to end our first full year in College Grove. I can't even express how much I love it here- and I'm pretty sure Will and Henry feel the same. Many days we go to bed just completely exhausted from being outside until, yikes!, it it's already past bedtime. We pull so many weeds we should only dream about pulling weeds. Lighting bugs out here look like the ones I remember from being a kid because there are no street lights around to dim their glow. Crickets are loud and sweet. We visit the garden on a couple-of-times-a-day basis. Summer in the country brings completely different things than we we were living closer to town.

When we first moved out here I was a little apprehensive about Henry not having any playmates nearby. Those worries were for nothing. Two of Henry's favorite people ever have been discovered to live on the new few acres over. Ava & Olivia. We love these girls!

Last week Corinne (the girls' mom) asked if we wanted to come over to make tie-dye shirts with them. I'm pretty sure I didn't hesitate even a second before responding with a "yes!!". For some reason tie-dye had been on my mind lately and I was SO excited that I did what any reasonable mother would do. Googled "cool tie dye design". And low and behold, Henry's 4th of July shirt came to be.

This week we are looking forward to some long overdue time spent with my brother and his family. We have missed their faces so much! Wishes for a happy Independence Day!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Now it's summer.

Summer solstice has come and gone and it is now officially summer. Although to be honest, we've already been pretending that it was summer for the last month. A little summer taste test, if you will.

It seems like it was just last week that we were setting out plants (and breaking out teeth) but somehow our garden is already treating us to the rewards of our labors. Although we are the first to admit that keeping the weeds at bay can be a little overwhelming, there's nothing quite like ending a day feeling that "good tired" from working in the garden. These photos are from a couple of weeks ago- it's crazy how much things have grown since then. We have zucchini coming out of our ears, have picked four cucumbers, three purple jalepenos, and I am closely stalking the tomato that I'm just sure will be ready by Thursday.

I may have ventured to Target to get a couple of things in order to instigate this little summer-time battle.

A couple of weeks ago Henry and I got online and ordered ourselves something for the backyard. It's not fancy or very impressive, but spending the night in this ranked pretty high on his list of "good days". Even better when our adorable neighbors came over for a little tent time.

And of course, how else can you lead up to a night of backyard camping other than with an adorable grill chef and a little lightning bug catching?

A short and sweet blog entry today to catch us up. Hope you are enjoying the summer sun as much as we are!