Monday, July 20, 2015

Cucumbers and Silly String.

A 98 degree Tennessee summer day is Mr. Zuill's favorite. He's in top-down-and-shades-on mode. He tells me "If you grew up in England you'd love it too!". He's probably right, but man does it get miserably hot this time of year.

This year I've found that the heat is much more tolerable because it brings lovely gifts. Over the last couple of weeks it has brought us tomatoes, a couple of (small but tasty) carrots, along with so much zuchnini that I found myself freezing it. And we've had cucumbers. Lot and lots of cucumbers. So many that I had to give myself a little crash lesson in making simple refrigerator pickles. I will say that it was a pretty proud moment.

We often eat dinner on the back porch- and while he eats, Henry keeps one ear perked for the sounds of little voices outside. If he hears anyone, especially the two next door, he hurriedly finishes his food and before he's finished chewing says "Can I go play?". I love outdoor play dates, for they make for easy bedtimes. Henry will often have barely said goodnight before he drifts off to sleep. Play dates with Olivia + Ava+ Silly String are pretty much at the top of the charts- in both joy level and exhaustion factor.

Hope you're soaking in summer too!

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