Thursday, June 16, 2016

Charlie, two months old.

Sweet Charlie. The days and nights have flown by in a blur, and suddenly you are already two months old.

Two months old is a good age to expand one's social calendar. You went out for your first Sunday brunch last week and in good company too.

We started using our cloth diapers this week, since you suddenly seem big enough. Cloth diapering can be seriously intimidating. There are so many "do this" and "don't do that!" internet articles on washing, stripping, water softeners, etc, etc. My gosh. One thing's for sure though- they are undeniably cute on you.

You had your first round of immunizations a few days ago. Your big brother had to cover his eyes while it was happening. He couldn't stand to watch. I was so nervous it would be rough on you but you were a little champ. Well, not so little actually.

At two months old, you don't love tummy time. You get so annoyed with the hiccups and with the gripe water I give you to stop your hiccups. You don't particularly like to sit in your swing but you will tolerate it every now and then allowing me to sneak in a workout. You're not a huge fan of your carseat, still.

You love ceiling fans and hearing whistling. You love sitting on the back porch, your Daddy's songs and your brother's smiling face saying "Hey there, baby sister!". You love bath time in the tub. You also seem to love pooping in the tub. When Henry takes a bath with you it is the best thing ever- you can't take your eyes off him. You love to get your hair dried with the blow dryer. You will ride in the baby wrap the entire time I clean house each week, lulled to sleep by the sound of the vacuum.

You're still sleeping in our room at night. You usually wake twice to nurse, and that second time I don't put you back in your bassinet to sleep afterwards. You just cuddle up beside me and it is easily the sweetest part of my day.

You are starting to coo and make the loveliest baby noises. This week you're blowing little bubbles and have just made the greatest discovery on earth- your feet. You smile all the time these days- huge gummy grins that would just melt anybody. We love you so, Charlie Zuill.


holly said...

What an angel

Unknown said...

Thank you Holly! We think so too :)