Tuesday, September 13, 2016

charlie, five months.

Charlie-girl, two days ago you turned 5 months old. How are we nearly halfway through your first year? Every day it seems you give us more and more clues about the little person you're growing into. The majority of the time you are our happy smiley girl. You do tend to get a little testy if you're tired or hungry, but who doesn't, right? Lately, when you're annoyed or unhappy you give us a cute (but loud) squeal. Not tended to quickly enough, it's likely to progress to more of a high-pitched whine. Picture a drooly little puppy. Yep, that's it.

Speaking of drool.

In the last few weeks you've become so much more entertainable. You'll play on the floor with toys while I do laundry or cook dinner. At least for a little while, until you roll yourself over into the dreaded trap known as tummy time. You're still working on that belly-to-back reverse maneuver. You've done it a few times, but you've learned to sucker your brother into helping you roll back, you little stinker. Your favorite thing to do right now is play in your cousins' old exersaucer. Your brother played in this same one when he was little and you love it just as much. It's the most wonderful parental déjà vu.

It also gives you a good vantage point from which to observe your favorite boy on earth.

You've been toted around the house by that same sweet boy all week. He loves getting to carry you around the living room and kitchen. You must get pretty heavy pretty quickly because it's usually not too long before I hear "Mommy, will you take her?". But he loves it while it lasts and so do you.

We had a serious rough patch with your sleeping last month. I'm not sure exactly what was going on, but google kept leading me to articles about "four month sleep regressions" so we'll pin it on that. This is what we think of the four month sleep regression.

But then, by some miracle, you slept ALL NIGHT LONG for 3 nights last week. I'm talking 9-12 hour stretches. It was blissful and you woke up so happy. Mommy too.

If I was a betting woman, I'd say it won't be long before you're sitting up. That was such a fun milestone with Henry and I'm looking forward to it with you as well! This week you've been tripod sitting, if only for a few seconds. You do really well when you're on the couch or in one of our chairs-

-but things are a bit more short-lived when you're on your own.

You are starting to chuckle more. You splash big enough in the tub to annoy your brother. You kick all the time. We don't dare take a hand off you on the changing table. Henry thinks he can communicate with you with some kind of kicking code. ha! You still have your one adorable crazy curl. You are exhausting and wonderful and fascinating and we love you more every day!


Anonymous said...

Sweet baby girl!!! So proud of you for keeping up with your wonderful blog!

Unknown said...

Thank you Sarah B! Love you!