Tuesday, November 15, 2016

charlie, seven months.

Dear Charlie- The months are whizzing by, just like I knew they would. Like they did with your brother as well. On the one hand it makes me a little sad that you are growing up so fast, but watching you grow is so much fun that it's impossible to despair. That crawling thing? You've got that down now. Rocking on your hands and knees quickly led to army crawling. Now you're moving across the rugs with pretty impressive speed! You even throw in some down-dog now and then for good measure-

Not only are you crawling, you are pulling up on everything. The chairs, the bathtub, the nearest leg. You are on the move. Today we had our first (and hopefully last!) ER visit because I slipped up and took my hand off you for two seconds while you were sitting on an exam table. You can imagine what happened next. I like to think that after all my years in the ER I don't get shaken easily about medical stuff, but I honestly couldn't get you to that hospital fast enough to get you checked out. I think we both cried for about 20 minutes, but you were given the all-clear from the ER doc and were such a champ. I know that things like this happen, but I feel absolutely terrible and like my hand may be practically glued to you for the next few days. Your poor forehead.

On a less traumatic note, over the last month you've tried a lot of foods! One of your first was plantain soup when we were in Puerto Rico and you loved it! You've eaten apples, eggs, sweet potatoes, peas, toast, bananas, carrots, broccoli and green beans. You love baby puffs (and I love that they keep you busy while I cook dinner). You seem pretty willing to try most things (but then again, you eat rug fuzz too, ha)!

We're 95% sure your first word was "bath". You said it after we'd had a pretty involved diaper situation and I said to you "Sister, we're gonna have to get a bath!". You looked at me and said "Baf! Baf!"- but you haven't really said it since, so who knows? You love to give pat-pats. We'll say "Give Henry pat-pats!" and you reach out with that sweet little hand, pat his arm, "Paa, paa, paa". You've gotten super ticklish. If I get your thighs just right you giggle your head off. It's amazing. You can only smile with your mouth wide open. The best is when you wrinkle your little nose when you're really happy. So often when we're at the grocery store I get the feeling someone is looking at me. It almost never fails that I turn to find someone who is smiling huge in your direction. That Charlie smile is hard to resist.

You truly are more fun every day, Charlie, and we are so, so thankful that you're our girl. We love you so.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

who ya gonna call?

Lately at the Zuill house we've noticed more unusual sounds than normal. Lots of banging and random piano tunes. With it being so close to Halloween, we began to wonder if we might have an adorable little ghost at our house.

Will and I had big ideas for our ghostbuster inspired costumes as well, but we got distracted by vacations and birthday parties and didn't get it together in time. It's a shame because we would have been a great Keymaster and Gatekeeper. Henry was not very happy that we let the ball drop but it turned out that he had even more awesome companions than just us for trick-or-treating. Such a fun night with the Hawkins family- as much for the adults as for the kids, I think!

The last couple of weeks have been especially busy for Henry. We have discovered that making lots of new Kindergarten friends means more fun birthday parties to go to! Henry was especially excited for this part of Camryn's party a couple of weeks ago.

Last weekend Henry and I headed out, just the two of us, to go to the mother/son dance at his elementary school. Daddy and Charlie had to sit this one out, but they did look awfully cute before we left.

"A Night on the Town" was the theme of the night. The gym was all decked out with city skylines, there was a dance floor with an awesome DJ, and fun games. However, when each boy was handed the equivalent of this just before they walked in the gym, everything else just faded away-

You can surely image what the activity of choice was for 75% of the boys for the rest of the night. Sword fighting and chasing. Imagine a whole gym full of that. ha! It was pure chaos but the kids had so much fun! I don't think Henry argued at all about bedtime that night.

Thanks for checking in on us! Sweet Charlie will be SEVEN months old tomorrow so I'm sure I'll we'll have more to share soon!