Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Endings and beginnings.

The last month has kept us hopping at the Zuill house. Exhausting, but so full of goodness that there's absolutely no room for complaining- Charlie's birthday, Henry's baseball practices & games, school projects, plenty of opportunity for Vitamin D therapy in the garden & yard. Wonderful times that are flying by too quickly. Want to know what else flew by pretty darn quick? Kindergarten, that's what.

Henry and I have talked about the possibility of home school someday, once Charlie is a tiny bit older. We'll see. I think there are things we would love about it, but Kindergarten has been such a sweet experience. Henry has grown to adore Mrs. Walker. And there sure were some sweet kiddos in his class. Charlie has decided that she fits right in with them.

Today was the very last day of Kindergarten and also the very last day of Rockets baseball. Henry had a great ball season. He really has learned so much more about the rules of the game. He's learned to always know where the ball and his runners are. He's excited to move up to the 7-8 year old league next year, because he's dying to try to steal second base. He likes to play catcher, but only for an inning or two because he says all the getting up and down is exhausting, ha! He took a hard ball to the cheek, the kind that leaves a bruise with stitch marks, and after a few minutes went back onto the field with his team. He batted in the winning run during the Rockets' one victorious game. We have been so stinking proud of him. On Sunday he and I were outside practicing some throwing and batting and Henry said "Mommy, I think you'd be a great ball coach.". Melted on the spot.

I think we're all happy to see the slower days of summer arrive. I'm really looking forward to having Henry at home every day. We're already talking about trips to the Discovery Center and the splash pad. I have missed him and I know Charlie has! A month from now, after I've heard "I'm bored!" 7,834 times, I may be singing a different tune and anxiously awaiting shopping for school supplies. But for now I'm looking forward to some downtime and more of this kind of goodness-

I have a feeling, however, that even the laziest of summer days around here are still going to be fairly busy.

The smallest Zuill has morphed into a full fledged toddler. Charlie is a trampoline-jumping, couch climbing, Cozy Coupe riding madwoman. And is she ever chatty. We have been blown away by the number of words coming out of that girl's mouth. We hear "muc!" (milk), "wanu!" (water), bite, and "drinky-drink!" all the time. She tells us if she wants blueberries, banana, or cracker ("crackie!"). Frequent requests are "read! read!", "walk!" and "gin, gin!" (again). I can't say I was shocked when I heard "Wego!" come out of her mouth as she proudly strode into laundry room with a fist full of lego bricks. My favorite is when she plays pat-a-cake ("Pat-caaa, Pat-caaa") or maybe when she's looking for Henry- "Brudda! Brudda!". Or sometimes he's "Heh-heh". She sure loves her brother and he will go out of his way to appease her. But the real trouble is going to be with this one. He is smitten. I love these two.

So, off we go to the lazy days of summer! More on that soon, I'm sure! Thanks for checking in!

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